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Laugh out loud baby names inspired by comedians

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Does your baby already have a keen sense of comedic timing in utero? Somehow they always seem to find the most ridiculous moment to press the bladder or activate morning sickness. Laugh it off with a baby name inspired by the comedy scene.


Beyond Lily: Fresh flower names for baby girls

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Violet is the new Lily, but what will be the new Violet? We've gone through an entire garden center's worth of options to find a fresh selection of flower names for baby girls.


Baby boy names with the most nicknames

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Will that name you are choosing for your baby boy grow with him into manhood? Does that professional name you have picked out for his future suit him on the playground? Get the best of both worlds by choosing a baby boy name with lots of nicknames.


Baby girl names with the most nicknames

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If it's getting down to the wire and you still aren't sure what you want to call your sweet baby girl, might we recommend a name loaded with nickname options?


Great song names with "Baby" in the title

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When you've got a baby-to-be on the way, there is little else on your mind. Everything you read, watch and listen to reminds you that a precious bundle of joy is soon to arrive. Since you already have baby on the brain, why not chill out to some of these beloved musical hits that feature "baby" in the song title? Who knows — you just may find the inspiration you need for your baby's name.


Geography baby names: Spectacular inspiration from rivers, mountains and more

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Majestic mountains, glistening rivers and sandy deserts:The earth's geography provides glorious sights at every turn. Sit back, drink it in and draw baby name inspiration from the beauty of nature that surrounds you.  


Back-to-school baby: How preschool, middle school and college names will differ

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There are 13 years between kindergarteners and college freshmen, and in "baby names time," that gap is enormous. We thought it might be fun to compare the most popular baby names among students entering elementary school versus the soon-to-graduate group, and we'll take a look at the halfway point — the middle schoolers (born around 2002) — too.


Unusual baby names: Burden or blessing?

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Step aside Noah, mama's got unusual taste in names. We love unusual names — we'd have very little to write about if everyone liked the same hundred — but we recommend giving careful consideration before making the moniker permanent. Have we thought of an up- or downside to unusual names that you missed?


Fleetwood Mac baby names

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As the band kicks off its On With the Show tour this month, it seemed appropriate to take a look back at its amazing success of the last four-and-a-half decades. In fact, we're such big fans of Fleetwood Mac that we've rounded up some truly inspired baby names in the band's honor.


Whimsical baby names from the Brothers Grimm

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We all imagine fairytale lives for our children, though more the happily ever sort than the slaying of giants or climbing of beanstalks. Putting aside the Disney princesses and modern adaptations for a moment, we traveled back to the original Brothers Grimm tales, recorded in early 19th century Germany, to find some bona fide fairy tale baby names. 


Strong Russian baby names

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Do you have Russian roots? If so, finding a name that works in both English and Russian can be difficult. Differing alphabets — 33 Cyrillic characters in Russian vs. 26 Roman characters in English — narrow the overlap of usable names in both languages. We've tackled the problem and found 75 Russian names for boys and girls that most Americans will recognize.

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