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Trendy two-syllable middle names for boys

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What middle name pairs well with a long first name? A short first name? Any first name? A two-syllable middle name! We've brought you our favorites, sorted by trend, to suit any baby boy from Al to Zachariah.


Perfect one-syllable middle names for girls

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Coming up short on the perfect middle name for your baby girl? Short might be exactly what you need! Check out these fantastic one-syllable middle names from a variety of styles and categories.


Happy baby names for boys and girls

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Give your baby a joyful head start with one of these happy baby names for boys and girls. Each of the international monikers listed here have pleasant meanings such as "one who gives happiness," "cheerful song" or "father's joy."


Twin names that don't match too much

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Naming twins, much like raising twins, is more than twice the work of naming two singletons. Opinions swing between two extremes: either names should match such that they scream "twins!", or twin names shouldn't match more than other siblings'. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle — wanting twin names that match, but not too much — we've got you covered.


Baby names with weird meanings

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There is more to choosing a baby name than considering how it sounds with your surname. Some of the most beautiful baby names have some of the weirdest meanings. Does it really matter? That's up to you (and what your child may think in years to come).


Baby names by zodiac sign

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Find a fabulous array of unique names among these zodiac-inspired baby names for boys and girls.


Smart baby names for girls

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It's fun to look through all of the adorable baby names for girls but, as she grows, your daughter may not appreciate having a name that's to cute that no one takes her seriously. Why not consider one of these smart baby names instead?


Long baby names to pair with short surnames

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All types of first names pair nicely with short last names, but there is an especially good flow to the long first-short last combination. We've rounded up some four-syllable monikers for boys and girls alike. Try them on with your surname!


Billionaire baby names

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Who gets it done? Billionaires get it done. Give your child a built-in drive to succeed with one of these billion-dollar baby names.

Baby names inspired by famous police officers

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You have the right... to choose a baby name inspired by some of television's greatest police officers off all time. Give your little one a name from the right side of the law.


Baby names based on birth order

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Lost on what to name your first, second or third (or eighth) baby? We've got you covered with these baby names inspired by birth order.

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