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Cool boy names that mean "bear"

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Have you heard the saying, “Strong like a bear?” Your little boy may not posses bear strength when he is born, but bestowing a bear-like name upon your newborn is a unique choice.


Baby names inspired by doctors

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Famous doctors — both real and fictional — have impressed us, wooed us and even frightened us! Tell us what you think of this list of MDs to inspire your next baby name selection.


Baby names for your little treasure

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These treasure-inspired baby names are full of the color, light and gleam you might expect a dragon to be protecting — no doubt how you will feel about your little one. From names we know and love, like Ruby, to those with a more unusual flair, like Bijou, these baby names are literally a treasure trove.


Baby names inspired by HGTV designers

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We tune into our favorite HGTV shows for decorating and renovation inspiration, but thanks to the lovable hosts of our favorite shows, we can get baby name inspiration, too!


Unique baby names that start with a vowel

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Many vowel baby names are a little less common than their consonant-based counterparts and many have a soothing, yet resounding sound when pronounced. Here are some of our favorites that are a little more unique.  


Overused baby names

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Each decade brings with it new baby name trends. If you want to give your child a name that will stand out in a crowd, then you may want to avoid these overused baby names for boys and girls.


Mysterious baby names

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Is your baby's name still a great big question mark? Perhaps our list of baby names from detective novels can help you crack the case!


Sporty names for baby girls

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Looking for a sporty baby girl name but tired of finding lists full of names borrowed from the boys? Sporty doesn't have to mean masculine. Consider drawing inspiration from the rich history of women's sports.


Baby boy and girl names inspired by famous Pisces

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Pisces is the sign of those born from Feb. 19 through March 20. On the positive side, a Pisces is devoted, imaginative and adaptable. On the other hand, a Pisces can be indecisive, oversensitive and a even a bit lazy. Not to worry... one look at these famous Pisces names and you'll see that the pros far outweigh the cons! 


Lucky baby names in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

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You want only the very best for your child, so why not give your baby a lifetime of good fortune with a lucky baby name? 


Inspirational baby names

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Are you looking for an uplifting baby name? One that reminds you of your faith or other forces that lift your spirits? These inspirational baby names for boys and girls may be just what you’re looking for.  

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