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Cherokee baby names

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Whether you have Cherokee blood in your family or you just admire this honorable, proud people, choosing a name from the Cherokee language for your newborn is a great way to honor that.


Baby names inspired by the Renaissance

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The Renaissance was indeed a time of rebirth -- rebirth of culture, art, music, knowledge and education following the stagnation of the Middle Ages. Great strides were made in science, math, world exploration and general intellectual pursuits as humans moved beyond merely existing and attempted to come to grips with the world around them. 


Famous November birthdays

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November is a wonderful time to be born. To prove it, we've searched for historical figures, celebrities, artists and writers who have shaped the world we live in today. What do they have in common? They were all born in November. 


Time-traveling baby names

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If you could time travel, would you go into the past -- or the future? What would you like to see, who would you like to talk to and what would you like to discover? These baby names from fictional works dealing with time travel can inspire your baby naming in a very temporal way.


Classy Greek baby names for boys and girls

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There are many names that we are familiar with that have Greek origins, but there are so many more that would make an excellent baby name for a modern family. 


Bewitching baby girl names

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Halloween is upon us. If you're expecting a baby, it's hard not to want to find a thematic baby name. Everything is pumpkin spiced and spooky. Bewitching names for baby girls are the perfect place to start. 


Baby names inspired by silent movie stars

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Before the advent of the "talkies" in the late 1920s, the silent film ruled the cinematic world between the years of 1894 through 1929. Often considered to be of low quality today due to deteriorated film quality and being played back at the wrong speeds, silent films such as The Birth of a Nation, Way Down East and others were true cinematic masterpieces, starring brilliant actors who had to convey the entire story without ever having their voices heard. 


Sweet and spooky Halloween baby names

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Expecting a baby around Halloween? Get playful with a baby name inspired by the holiday. Instead of naming your baby Ghost or Princess, try a baby name that slyly references Halloween. Your little one will love having a name associated with such a kid-friendly holiday, and you'll have a fantastic and fun namesake.


Baby names inspired by horses

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If you're a lover of all things equine, you've probably given some thought to giving your newborn a horse-themed name. Lucky for you, there is an amazing selection of baby names inspired by horses to pick from. 


Top 10 baby names from fast food

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Even if you usually think of yourself as a health nut, pregnancy may have you pulling into the nearest fast food chain at all hours. We scoured the menus and histories of all the top chains to bring you the best baby names fast food has to offer.


Baby names that mean prosperity

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Every parent wants their kids to succeed, for various reasons. Of course, there's the satisfaction of watching your offspring take the world by the horns and enjoy the success that hard work brings, but it's okay, you can admit it -- you want them to be able to take care of you in your old age too, right?  

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