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Bold and powerful baby girl names

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Are you superstitious about baby names? Some parents feel that the name the pick will have great influence on a child's life. If you believe that the name you choose will affect your child's future, why not consider a name that's bold and powerful for your baby girl? You can always choose a name with a cute nickname if you're not quite ready for your little one to be bold and powerful. 


Baby names inspired by the Winter Olympics

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Pay tribute to famous American athletes with a baby name inspired by the Winter Olympic Games. You'll find outstanding baby name ideas among these well-known champions.


Clever baby names that end with R

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Baby names that end with R generally have a solid, modern sound to them. These are our favorites of the bunch, for girls and for boys.


Famous opera baby names for boys and girls

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Opera is the ultimate musical theater genre and if you're an opera buff, you'll certainly appreciate this delightful list of baby names that are inspired by some of opera's most famous, memorable works. 


Suave names for baby boys

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It may be difficult to picture your new baby boy as anything but a cooing little bundle of cuteness. We get it. However, that little bundle will grow to be a gangly boy someday and eventually he'll become a man. With that in mind, consider suave names with some romance and charm. Suave names are instilled with confidence and class. They're not overly cute or too unusual. For a name that's just right for your little one's future, check out this fun list of suave names for baby boys. 


Rough and tumble names for baby girls

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As you imagine your future daughter in your mind, how do you see her? This is a fantastic first step in choosing her name, especially if name meanings hold significance for you.


Baby names to celebrate Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year begins Jan. 31, 2014. Will you be celebrating? This 4711th year of the Chinese calendar, per the Chinese zodiac, is a Year of the Horse. If you're lost on baby names for an impending arrival, use this fantastic Chinese naming tradition to provide inspiration. 


Baby names inspired by the 2014 Winter Olympic hopefuls

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This February brings the 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia. With around-the-clock coverage across several channels and on the web, there is no better way to pass those final weeks of pregnancy or first weeks home with a newborn than catching these athletes go for the gold. As you head into the home stretch, consider finding inspiration for your baby's name from the many young athletes who have chased down the Olympic dream.  


Names inspired by French royalty

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The history of the French monarchy dates to the year 428 with the beginning of the Merovingian Dynasty — including the reign of the Capetian Dynasty, which ruled France for almost 900 years — only ending with the French Revolution in 1792. Finally, the Houses of Bonaparte, Bourbon and Orleans led the country through the twilight years of the monarchy, ending in 1870. Needless to say, this leaves you with a wealth of noble French names from history to choose from when naming your little garçon or fille!


Beautiful Indian baby girl names

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In India, baby names are influenced by a variety of factors. Language and religion can influence a baby's name, as well as the region of India where a child is born and her family's caste. Some children are given birth names, as well as official names. The result of all of the meaning behind names in India is an immense variety of beautiful names to choose from.


Names for blond babies

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If you were a towhead when you were small, chances are your baby will be too. Check out these sweet baby names for those babies with blond locks.

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