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Super sweet baby girl names with a double S

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Double S names make us think of the 1990s, when every other girl was named Melissa or Vanessa and Clarissa explained it all. Let's give this trend a 21st century spin and put the double S back in sassy — check out our top 50 super-sweet baby girl names.


Orthodox baby names for boys and girls

User Rating: / 91

In 2014, Orthodox Christmas falls on Jan. 7, and the Orthodox New Year is Jan. 14. In honor of these beautiful holidays, we've compiled a list of Orthodox baby names for boys and girls.


Most popular dog names of 2014

User Rating: / 4

Naming a new pet can be just as challenging as selecting a baby's name. Thanks to VetStreet.com, a database that links pet owners to veterinarians, we now have a pretty good idea of which puppy names were most popular in 2014 — and they aren't Fido or Rover.


Choosing a name when your first choice is off the table

User Rating: / 1

You were so close! You thought you had the perfect baby name all picked out, but now it's off the table. Read on to learn how to let go of the idea of the perfect name and get to the business of finding something even better — your baby's name.


Baby names inspired by tasty pastries

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Wikipedia defines pastries as "small cakes or confections made using stiff dough enriched with fat." We define them as scrumptious! We rounded up the best versions of shortcrust, filo, choux, flaky and puff to present these edible baby name ideas. Eat 'em up!


Baby names that mean new

User Rating: / 3

Welcome to 2015! New years bring new hope and a clean slate. And yours brings new life! Celebrate all things new with these stylish baby names inspired by new beginnings.


Worst celebrity baby names of 2014

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We all love to hate celebrity baby names, don't we? So here they are. The worst of the worst. The biggest nope celebrity baby names of 2014.


Bicultural Japanese baby names

User Rating: / 16

America is a melting pot, and our names prove it. No longer is it the norm to choose a first name of the same ethnicity as the surname. And that's good for bicultural families who want to honor multiple ethnic backgrounds. But the process can be tricky for some intermarried parents, particularly Japanese-American couples.


Best celebrity baby names of 2014

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Forget crazy names like Apple and Pilot — plenty of celebrities do baby naming right. So which celebs gave their children the most enviable names of 2014? Read on to see!


Baby girl names inspired by classical composers

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When you think of classical composers, what names come to mind? Likely boy, boy and more boy. So what to do if you love classical music and are expecting a baby girl? Don't worry, you won't have to resort to Ludwiga or She-Wolfgang. We pored over 12 centuries of classical composers to bring you a musical pile of names that is all girl.


Tyler Perry-inspired baby names for boys and girls

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You can't turn on the Oprah Winfrey Network without seeing a Tyler Perry promotion. The actor, director, producer and songwriter is one of the highest paid men in entertainment, and his enormous body of work inspires some fantastic baby name ideas, like these:

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