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Spanish word baby names

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Deciding on a baby name is hard work, and some parents abandon the popular names and turn to new areas of inspiration. Choosing a name that is a word from another language is a novel way to go about it, as these Spanish word names prove.


Baby names from current Broadway hits

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Do you dream of seeing your baby's name up in lights? No need to wait! Check out the casts and characters from the shows currently tearing up Broadway.


Literary baby names from the new classics

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Naming a child after a beloved book character is always a good idea. But before your reach back to those old childhood favorites, take a look at these unique baby names drawn from new literary classics. 



Tres belle! Beautiful French baby names for girls

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There is something so light and lovely about French baby names. We've compiled a list of some of the prettiest baby girl names of French origin to help you narrow down your baby name search. 


First Family baby names

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We often scour lists of world leaders for baby name inspiration. Rarely do we stop and ask ourselves what they have named their own children. Take a look at the gems we found in all the United States' First Families!


What your baby’s friends will be named

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Currently, the most popular names are Noah, Liam and Jacob for boys and SophiaEmma and Olivia for girls. But new names are quickly climbing the charts to challenge these oft-used favorites. We predict that you'll see many of these potential "most populars" in your kids' future yearbooks.


Baby names for wine lovers

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Perhaps you live in wine country. Perhaps you honeymooned in France. Perhaps you simply have a taste for the finer things in life. Whatever your reasons, you want a baby name inspired by fine wine, and we've found you the very finest.


Baby names inspired by one-name wonders

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You know you're famous when you need just one name. Check out our list of beloved one-name celebrities to find a highly recognizable moniker for your next baby.


Origins and meanings of the nation’s most popular baby names

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Before you select a name from the nation's "most popular" list, consider its origin and meaning. Oftentimes, pairing a first name which has an origin that matches your surname creates a pleasant-sounding flow. And sometimes, a name you thought you really loved loses its luster when you discover what it means.


Baby names inspired by Frozen

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You may be completely tired of hearing "Let It Go," but these baby names, inspired by the timeless Disney hit Frozen, are attractive and unique enough that they may be perfect for your baby boy or girl.


Baby names inspired by the Real Housewives

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Bravo's Real Housewives may not represent your personal reality, but they certainly offer some spectacular baby name ideas.

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