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Top 10 baby names from fast food

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Even if you usually think of yourself as a health nut, pregnancy may have you pulling into the nearest fast food chain at all hours. We scoured the menus and histories of all the top chains to bring you the best baby names fast food has to offer.


Baby names that mean prosperity

User Rating: / 3

Every parent wants their kids to succeed, for various reasons. Of course, there's the satisfaction of watching your offspring take the world by the horns and enjoy the success that hard work brings, but it's okay, you can admit it -- you want them to be able to take care of you in your old age too, right?  


Funniest baby names from pro sports

User Rating: / 2

Professional sports players have more memorable names than most rockstars do. Some names are funnier than others. We've compiled a list of professional sports baby names that are strange, silly or mind-boggling. With names like this, these players were destined to become famous.


Preppy and sophisticated baby girl names

User Rating: / 7

Is your personal style more preppy than bohemian? Do you shop at Ann Taylor before you check out Free People? These baby names are perfect for you. Preppy and sophisticated, these baby girl names express your personal style beautifully. If you're the type of mom who shops for tiny cardigans and patent leather baby shoes, you'll love names that are fit for a fashionable baby girl.


World Series winning baby names

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Perhaps you grew up a baseball fan. Perhaps you're having a baby with the ultimate baseball fan. Perhaps you have found yourself stuck on the couch, too pregnant to bother finding the remote, accidentally wrapped up in a baseball game.


Names of famous multiples

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Need more than one baby name?  More than two?  Find out what parents of famous multiples, like the Six Little MgGhees, chose as names for their big broods.


Instrumental baby names

User Rating: / 2

Music provides endless inspiration when it comes time to name a baby. You can name them after a favorite song or artist, a band or album title, a composer or conductor, even just a name that pops up in the lyrics. If your love of music runs too deep to narrow it down, have you considered instead going straight to the source? 


Baby names from DC Comics

User Rating: / 2

You don't have to be a card carrying geek to love superheroes. Thanks to blockbuster films and huge franchises, many comic characters have become ubiquitous. Whether you've collected a file of comics for years or you've only checked out the latest Superman film, you'll love these baby names from the DC Comics universe.


50 Super short baby names

User Rating: / 2

Sometimes the best way to make a statement is to stay very simple. In a time when minimalism is becoming a popular way to live, try a name with only three letters. Short baby names are stylish and a fun way to give multiples and siblings a connection between names. If you're naming twins, try names that don't have anything in common but the three letters for symmetry. 


Baby names inspired by The Voice

User Rating: / 1

Forget American Idol. These days, The Voice is America's singing competition of choice. Talented hopefuls compete to win $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group. Along with spectacular musical entertainment, these potential stars also provide plenty of fab baby name ideas. Will your little star-to-be bear the name of one of these amazing singers?


Coping with baby name regret

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Pressure to be the perfect parent starts right out of the gate. You spend months preparing the best you can, but when it comes time to put a name down on that line, you are a pile of emotions. In the weeks that follow, you may find yourself introducing the baby to friends and family and strangers, wincing as you say the name. There are several reasons baby name regret takes hold. Here are a few ways of dealing with it.

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