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Baby names from vintage automobile history

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With its wide-open spaces, booming population and love of freedom, it's no surprise America took to the automobile like a duck to water.  Look to your love of vintage cars to find inspiration for your baby name.


Baby names from Stephen King novels

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So, you're a fan of Stephen King. Well, you're certainly not alone, as he's sold over 350 million books over the last 40 years, so you're definitely in good company. With over 50 novels, plus numerous short stories and novellas, there is no shortage character names to pick from if you want to pass your love of the master of horror and suspense along to your new baby! 


Baby boy names from the Baseball Hall of Fame

User Rating: / 4

What could be more American than a baby boy name honoring one of baseball's greatest? These Hall of Famers are sure to inspire your next tribute to America's favorite pastime:


Baby names from Dan Brown novels

User Rating: / 2

There's little doubt Dan Brown has had a huge impact on American culture -- his Robert Langdon series of novels is the seventh highest selling series of all time and he's the twentieth highest selling author of all time, with only six books to his credit so far.


Baby names inspired by jazz

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Do you have a long-held love of jazz music? These baby names for boys and girls channel the great jazz artists that you know and love.


Pretty, rhythmic baby names for girls

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Not all baby names are created equally, and different moms and dads seek out different names for different reasons. These baby names are pretty, feminine and have a superb rhythm that will pair really well with your last name.


Saintly names for baby boys

User Rating: / 2

There are more than 10,000 canonized Roman Catholic saints, so there are plenty of lovely names to sort through if you're looking for the perfect baby boy name for your little man. 


Baby names that start with S

User Rating: / 1

S baby names are super, spectacular, stupendous… Just check out our list of traditional and trendy boy and girl names that start with S:


Baby names from French words

User Rating: / 1

Noun names are all the rage, but if you're looking for one that has a bit of a twist, why not check out these baby names that come from the French language?


Girl baby names that mean moon

User Rating: / 2

The moon is a wonderful, powerful thing, emanating light in the darkness and cycling through different stages as it blips around the earth. What better inspiration for a baby name is there than the shining goddess in the night sky?


Baby girl names inspired by the Real Housewives

User Rating: / 5

The Real Housewives reality television series definitely provide plenty of drama. But beyond the fighting and facelifts, the fascinating women of Beverly Hills, New York City and beyond serve up some really outstanding baby name ideas!

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