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Baby name ideas: Famous September birthdays

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Expecting a baby in September? Look for fantastic namesakes that share your baby's birth month. These famous figures from history, arts and pop culture have a variety of types of names. From ultra traditional to totally unique, these baby names give you plenty to get inspired by. 


Baby names from board games

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With a baby on the way, you may not have energy for more entertainment and excitement than a nightly Sorry! battle with your partner. Next time you're playing and discussing baby name choices (and perhaps wagering winner takes all dibs on baby's middle name) consider a board game baby name.


Baby names that mean friend

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From love to success to health and happiness, we want everything for our babies. While we can't control who or what they will become, we can pack their name with the meanings and qualities we hold most dear. If above all else you want your baby to be a good friend, consider choosing a name with friendship in the meaning. 


Baby names for puzzle lovers

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Are you a puzzle lover? If so, consider turning to this beloved pastime to inspire your baby's name. We dug through the history of our favorite puzzle games and magazines to find the best baby names for your budding puzzle nerd. 


Sweet-smelling baby names

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They say scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. We've all felt that pull back in time as we pass someone wearing a familiar fragrance. Since nothing smells sweeter than a newborn baby's fuzzy head, consider choosing a fragrant baby name to match. 


Baby girl names inspired by female athletes

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Looking for a strong and powerful baby girl name? Draw your inspiration from some of the greatest female athletes of all time:


Baby names with a vintage feel

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Unless you're naming your baby after your grandmother, senior citizens might not come to mind when you're looking for the perfect baby name. The thing is, vintage is back in a big way. 


Fun ways to announce your baby's name

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Baby name traditions are always changing. Lately, gender reveals and baby name announcements have become very popular. Perhaps thanks to the hub of creativity that is Pinterest, moms and dads are getting more and more creative in the way they share these important parts of pregnancy. 


Baby names popular during WW2

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During the early to mid 1940's, life in the United States was characterized by the effects of World War II. It was a time of adversity that saw a shift in the structure of American families. Despite the strain, life carried on. We've taken a look at the top baby names from WW2. 


Baby names we (fortunately) don't hear anymore

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First of all, if you happen to find your own name on here, there's no offense intended -- it's all just in fun! And after all, there's that old saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure"-- and it can certainly apply to baby names too. 


Nature baby names: Famous mountains

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It's only natural your mind looks skyward as you try to come up with the perfect name for your new baby, and why not - the great mountains of the world have all manner of names to choose from. So take a hike -- through our list of famous mountain names, of course, and pick the perfect mountain moniker for your future adventurer!

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