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Names inspired by French royalty

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The history of the French monarchy dates to the year 428 with the beginning of the Merovingian Dynasty — including the reign of the Capetian Dynasty, which ruled France for almost 900 years — only ending with the French Revolution in 1792. Finally, the Houses of Bonaparte, Bourbon and Orleans led the country through the twilight years of the monarchy, ending in 1870. Needless to say, this leaves you with a wealth of noble French names from history to choose from when naming your little garçon or fille!


Beautiful Indian baby girl names

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In India, baby names are influenced by a variety of factors. Language and religion can influence a baby's name, as well as the region of India where a child is born and her family's caste. Some children are given birth names, as well as official names. The result of all of the meaning behind names in India is an immense variety of beautiful names to choose from.


Names for blond babies

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If you were a towhead when you were small, chances are your baby will be too. Check out these sweet baby names for those babies with blond locks.


Fabulous baby names for brunettes

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Are you expecting a dark-haired baby or perhaps are you inspired by darker locks in art and film? These baby names are excellent for brunette babies. Check them out! 


Saudi Arabian baby names

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932, but its origins can be traced back to the dawn of modern society. Home to two of the holiest places in Islam — Mecca and Medina — the modern day country is home to some 16 million citizens, as well as another nine million registered foreign expatriates.


Baby names: Unconventional ways to honor loved ones

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When faced with seemingly infinite possibilities for a new baby's name, the first place we tend to look is the family tree. While some use relatives to rule names out, wanting their baby to be the one and only, others want to honor a beloved grandparent or someone generations back who they never had a chance to know. 


Baby names inspired by nail polish

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Struggling to get inspired when it comes to baby names? Inspiration is everywhere you look. In fact, the perfect name for your baby may be right under your fingertips — or on your fingernails. Many beauty products are given delightful, inventive names. With so many brands using the same shades, unique names are often used instead of plain colors names.


Baby girl names from the early 1960s

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The 1960s had a huge influence on our culture, from the music to the Civil Rights Movement. Look to this formative time in our nation's history to discover baby names with style and grace for your little girl.


8-Letter baby names for girls

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The octopus is your favorite animal or maybe Doctor Octopus is your favorite comic book villain. You don’t mind spiders. The octagon is your must-have shape... you just love that rounded, symmetry. Whatever the reason, you’re in love with the number eight and can't wait to share your love of the ocho with the littlest baby girl in your life.


Seasonal baby names that work all year long

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Matching baby's name to a particular season is old news. Spring born in April? Noel born in December? We've seen them all a thousand times now! How about flipping this baby name tradition on its head and finding some seasonal names that work all year long? 


Funky baby names for boys

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Looking for a funky, unusual baby boy name, but one that is not too "out there?" These names have have a fun feel to them without being superstar outrageous.

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