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Oddsmakers announce royal baby name predictions for Will and Kate

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a second baby in April 2015, just in time for their fourth wedding anniversary. The royal couple has not revealed whether the child (fourth in line to the British throne) is a boy or a girl, but oddsmakers are predicting not only the baby's gender but his or her name as well. So just what are those odds?


10 Things to consider when choosing a baby name

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We live in a society of trends that impact what we wear, what we eat and even what we name our babies. Unfortunately, trends are temporary and a name that sounds hip and cool today may sound dated or just plain wrong when your children are grown. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of 10 things to consider when choosing a name for your baby.


Just say no to these terrible baby names

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There's a new trend in baby naming, and it's not a good one. Parents seem to be in competition to outdo each other with names that have become increasingly outrageous. Keep in mind that the names we give to our children are with them for life. While a one-of-a-kind name may seem like a good idea today, it may later become a burden for your child. 


Baby names that start with Mac

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Mac makes an outstanding nickname. Whether you're expecting a boy or a girl, you can bet on this moniker suiting them for a lifetime. Unfortunately, like Max, Mac is one of those tricky diminutives with fewer full name options than you'd expect.


Top ranked baby name for each letter of the alphabet

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Did you ever read the children's book Ten Kids, No Pets? The parents named their brood in alphabetical order — the oldest received the first A name in the baby name book and the youngest got the tenth name beginning with J. That's certainly one way to simplify a sometimes overwhelming task! This got us wondering — are there less risky ways to run through the alphabet? 


Parents' most common baby name questions

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There are thousands upon thousands of baby names out there, and every parent has unique reasons for choosing a particular one of them. But no matter how different we are with our choices, we are not all that different with our concerns. The majority of parents struggle with the very same questions... and BabyHold is here to help. 


Baby girl names with boyish nicknames

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Let's get this out of the way: Girls do not need boy names to be taken seriously. Let's all stop that outdated nonsense right now. However, boyish nicknames are adorable. In an effort to balance the two, try out these ultra feminine names for baby girls whose nicknames are all boy.


Barbie, Pamela, Kendra and other Playmate baby names

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For more than 60 years, women have been stripping down to (next to) nothing to assume the title of Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month. Marilyn Monroe was the first to take the honors, appearing in the December 1953 issue. While their career aspirations may not be what you desire for your little-girl-to-be, their names are quite lovely.


Noun names from other languages

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Sometimes our particular interests don't translate well into naming our children. English nouns can be too blunt. Naming your daughter Star, while an option, can give her undue attention on her name, which may grow burdensome over her lifetime. Translated into Italian, her name becomes Stella. Voila! A gorgeous name with all the meaning and none of the baggage.


Beautiful Belle names for baby girls

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Belle means "beautiful" in French, so it's no wonder parents love this name for their baby girls. Check out our list of all the names we could find with this gorgeous princess-name root.


Baby names that end with S

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We spend so much time browsing baby names by first letter, but have you ever considered trying it the other way around? A current trend in baby names is names that end in S. Take a look and see what it is that makes these names so stylish.

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