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Perfect Portuguese baby names

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Did you know Portugal maintains an 81-page document detailing permitted and banned baby names for its citizens? You might be surprised by what's allowed and what's not.


August themed baby names

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When it comes to holidays, August doesn't have a lot to offer. It brings heat, humidity and not much in the way of baby name inspiration — or does it? We took a closer look and rounded up several names perfect for an August baby boy or girl.


Baby names inspired by science

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Nerdy is the new awesome with these fantastic baby names inspired by science. Because science!


The most common surnames

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Do you have a common surname? It might rank higher than you expect. Join us as we break down the top 100 surnames in the U.S. and tell you why it matters in your search for the perfect baby name.


Stormy baby names

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Usually summer-themed baby names focus on sunshine and tropical destinations, but how about taking a look at summer's darker side? Thunderstorms represent the strength and power of Mother Nature, traits worthy of honoring in your baby's moniker.


Gorgeous Greek baby names

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If you want to take your baby name search in an international direction, Greece is the perfect place to start. We've been borrowing names from Greece's rich culture for hundreds of years. Read on to see how a Greek name like Sophia came to be the No. 1 name in America.


Baby names inspired by castles and palaces

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Castles across the world hide secrets and epic stories within their walls. Let some of this history shine through as you seek the perfect baby name for your wee prince or princess. Take a trip with us around the world as we visit the world's best-named castles and palaces.


What’s up with the hipster baby names trend?

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Need a baby name? Jump on the hipster baby-naming bandwagon. Hipster baby names are one of the most popular searches for parents-to-be, but you can find everything you need right here. We've rounded up the best of the best – it's up to you to muster up the courage to actually put one of these trendy monikers on your baby's birth certificate.


Elsa soars to popularity thanks to “Frozen”

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It is astonishing how much our society is influenced by pop culture. The Twilight saga, for example, cinched the popularity of names like Jacob and Isabella. And now there's the movie megahit Frozen. As we tire of hearing the award-winning (and terribly overplayed) Let It Go, we're just on the cusp of a new, potentially overdone trend. There's a new baby name in town, and it's Elsa.


Pottery Barn baby names

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Pottery Barn is known for its gorgeous bedding…  and most of the charming patterns bear real-people names. We've rounded up some of the PB's most recent designs to help you come up with a soft and cuddly name for your baby-to-be.


Baby boy names no one is using

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It seems everyone loves baby boy names Noah and Jacob — they're everywhere! If you want that top ten sound but don't want your boy doomed to using his last initial all throughout school, take a look at some of these fresh baby boy names no one is using.

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