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Charming German baby names

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Known as the land of poets and thinkers, Germany has long been a cultural hub of arts and philosophy. The birthplace of greats like Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Germany is also known for a rich history of classical music. Draw baby name inspiration from the beauty and culture of Germany.


Wild West baby names

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Looking for an awesome western baby name? These Wild West baby names are perfect for your little cowboy or cowgirl.


Baby names that mean gift

User Rating: / 14

You're having a baby around the holidays! Temptation can be strong to choose a themed baby name, but is that a bit over the top for you? While Holly and Noel are gorgeous baby names, you can choose something more subtly fitting. 


Holiday baby names for girls

User Rating: / 6

Are you expecting this holiday season? It;s the most wonderful time of the year, and the perfect time to welcome a new baby into the world. Preparing for baby during a busy time of year can be a little overwhelming, but it's so rewarding when your precious gift arrives. 


Famous Capricorn baby names

User Rating: / 4

Capricorn children -- those born between December 22nd and January 19th -- keep you on your toes from day one. Will they be born this year or next? They crave this type of rapt attention throughout their lives. 


Baby names inspired by ancient Babylon

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The ancient city-state of Babylon, located in what is now present-day Iraq, was founded in 1894 BC. While all that remains of ancient Babylon today is a large pile of broken buildings and debris, the city experienced a vibrant culture and prosperity for almost 1700 years. 


Baby names that are adjectives

User Rating: / 13

During pregnancy, it's impossible not to imagine your little son or daughter. What will your baby be like? Charming? Handsome? Sweet? Slowly getting to know your precious new arrival is one of the most amazing things about parenting. As you interact with your little one, plenty of adjectives will come to mind. 


Baby names inspired by Supernatural

User Rating: / 14

The paranormal CW television series Supernatural is more than just a popular TV show, it's spawned a devoted -- almost rabid -- fan following over its nine seasons. Following the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, two hunters of supernatural beings, the show plays out like a modern American western with a healthy splash of comedy, self-deprecation, and even a little bit -- OK, a lot -- of fan service. So if you're looking for that perfect paranormal name for your new little angel, check out our list of favorite Supernatural-inspired baby names.


Baby names with many variant spellings

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If you're looking for a name that's often spelled different ways, consider your priorities. Do you prefer a classic spelling or are you more concerned with individuality? Some parents love adding unique vowels and consonants while others find variant spellings to be a pet peeve.


Baby names inspired by Beethoven

User Rating: / 3

Chances are when someone mentions Beethoven, a song pops into your head. You might not know which symphony or sonata it's from, but it's an instant association. If you are a fan of Beethoven's music, you'll love these baby names.


Baby names from the world of Lewis Carroll

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Lewis Carroll, born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, remains one of children's literature's greatest treasures. Whether you know him just for Alice or branched out to his logic and mathematical works, his characters have touched your life. We scoured Carroll's novels and poetry, tossed out the strangest, and found 20 (mostly) usable baby names.

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