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Baby names inspired by Middle Earth

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When Peter Jackson began filming The Lord of the Rings trilogy, J. R. R. Tolkien's classic novels became part of pop culture dialog once again. A new generation of children have grown up familiar with Frodo and Sam's epic quest and Gollum's dark obsession. 


Baby names that are also common pet names

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Got your heart set on one of these baby names? Don't be surprised if you hear it called out at the dog park.


Baby names that mean brother

User Rating: / 3

If you're expecting a new baby brother as an addition to your flock and you're struggling to find the right name, why not give him a perfectly descriptive moniker -- brother! 


Baby names that mean sister

User Rating: / 4

Got a baby girl on the way to join her siblings? Get her started on the path to the bond of sisterhood the right way by giving her a name that means "sister!" 


44 Science fiction baby names

User Rating: / 12

Only a true science fiction fan will understand the significance of this list of fantastic baby names drawn from some of the best sci-fi television series of all time.


Swedish baby names you can pronounce

User Rating: / 10

Not all Swedish baby names look like something that came out of the IKEA catalog. We've rounded up some of the more popular boy and girl names... they're all unique and easy to pronounce!


Million-dollar baby names

User Rating: / 18

We can't promise you that these million-dollar names will make your baby rich, but we do guarantee that they will provide a wealth of inspiration!


Charming German baby names

User Rating: / 12

Known as the land of poets and thinkers, Germany has long been a cultural hub of arts and philosophy. The birthplace of greats like Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Germany is also known for a rich history of classical music. Draw baby name inspiration from the beauty and culture of Germany.


Wild West baby names

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Looking for an awesome western baby name? These Wild West baby names are perfect for your little cowboy or cowgirl.


Baby names that mean gift

User Rating: / 14

You're having a baby around the holidays! Temptation can be strong to choose a themed baby name, but is that a bit over the top for you? While Holly and Noel are gorgeous baby names, you can choose something more subtly fitting. 


Holiday baby names for girls

User Rating: / 6

Are you expecting this holiday season? It;s the most wonderful time of the year, and the perfect time to welcome a new baby into the world. Preparing for baby during a busy time of year can be a little overwhelming, but it's so rewarding when your precious gift arrives. 

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