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Add it up: Baby names inspired by well-known mathematicians

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Ah, math. Either you love it or you hate it. Thankfully, brilliant mathematicians throughout history embraced a passion for numbers and discovered all sorts of amazing things, such as equations, measurements, numerical solutions and so much more. While you might not want to name your child Archimedes, Aryabhata, Eratosthenes, Ptolemy or Pythagoras, you may just find inspiration from these other well-known mathematicians.


Famous breast cancer survivors inspire strong baby names for girls

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October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is the perfect time to honor those who've encountered this terrible disease. While most of us know personally someone who has fought breast cancer, we've decided to highlight here some of the brave celebrities who have brought even more awareness to the ongoing struggle to eradicate this killer. Would you consider paying tribute to a breast cancer survivor in the form of a baby name?


The top baby names from 1914

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If you love the feel of old-fashioned names, don't just scan today's lists and books for names that sound old — go straight to the stats. We've gathered up the top 50 names for boys and girls from 100 years ago to get you started.


Good names inspired by notorious bad girls

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Ah, the hopes and dreams we have for our baby girls. We give them beautiful names and a solid upbringing in the hopes they'll be healthy, happy and successful. Not all daughters grow up to be good girls, however; but their dirty deeds still don't detract from the loveliness of their names.


Elegant nine-letter baby names

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Nine is such a great number. Or at least that trick for multiplying by nines on our fingers saved our tails more than once in grade school. Celebrate the magic of this number with our favorite elegant nine-letter baby names for boys and girls.


Baby names inspired by arcade games

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Nostalgia parenting is totally a thing. You will find yourself thrusting your original My Little Pony and G.I. Joe toys at your children, sighing when they roll their eyes at your talk of games like Galaga and Pong. Maybe giving them a baby name inspired by arcade games will help head off that last part.


Golden Girl baby names: A new take on old classics

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Blanche. Rose. Dorothy. Sophia. The funny ladies from The Golden Girls sported names that were quite popular for their generation. But these are certainly not "old lady" names. In fact, we'd love to see some of these antique gems restored to their former Glory, wouldn't you?


Bavarian baby names to rock Oktoberfest

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You might be too pregnant to care about the Oktoberfest shenanigans going on in Munich right now, but you've still got five days to join in the fun with these great Bavarian baby names inspired by Oktoberfest!


Laugh out loud baby names inspired by comedians

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Does your baby already have a keen sense of comedic timing in utero? Somehow they always seem to find the most ridiculous moment to press the bladder or activate morning sickness. Laugh it off with a baby name inspired by the comedy scene.


Beyond Lily: Fresh flower names for baby girls

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Violet is the new Lily, but what will be the new Violet? We've gone through an entire garden center's worth of options to find a fresh selection of flower names for baby girls.


Baby boy names with the most nicknames

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Will that name you are choosing for your baby boy grow with him into manhood? Does that professional name you have picked out for his future suit him on the playground? Get the best of both worlds by choosing a baby boy name with lots of nicknames.

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