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You might be a bad parent if you give your baby one of these names

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To give their child the best life possible, parents are expected to make wise, responsible decisions...  even before the baby is born. You choose medical caregivers, stock the nursery and, of course, pick the perfect name for your bundle of joy. Before you make this all-important decision, consider this: Not all baby names are created equal.


Unusual baby names: Burden or blessing?

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Step aside Noah, mama's got unusual taste in names. We love unusual names — we'd have very little to write about if everyone liked the same hundred — but we recommend giving careful consideration before making the moniker permanent. Have we thought of an up- or downside to unusual names that you missed?


Safari baby names for boys and girls

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Oh, how I'd love to go on safari and experience the vistas, the wildlife and the wonder of it all. Until I'm able to make my way across the ocean to Africa, I'll get my safari fix via books, television and the internet. And, in my spare time, I'll put together fun lists like this one: Safari Baby Names for Boys and Girls.


Fleetwood Mac baby names

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As the band kicks off its On With the Show tour this month, it seemed appropriate to take a look back at its amazing success of the last four-and-a-half decades. In fact, we're such big fans of Fleetwood Mac that we've rounded up some truly inspired baby names in the band's honor.


Whimsical baby names from the Brothers Grimm

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We all imagine fairytale lives for our children, though more the happily ever sort than the slaying of giants or climbing of beanstalks. Putting aside the Disney princesses and modern adaptations for a moment, we traveled back to the original Brothers Grimm tales, recorded in early 19th century Germany, to find some bona fide fairy tale baby names. 


Strong Russian baby names

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Do you have Russian roots? If so, finding a name that works in both English and Russian can be difficult. Differing alphabets — 33 Cyrillic characters in Russian vs. 26 Roman characters in English — narrow the overlap of usable names in both languages. We've tackled the problem and found 75 Russian names for boys and girls that most Americans will recognize.


Lego-inspired baby names

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Parenting involves a few unfortunate truths: at some point, you will be peed on. You will be puked on. And, worst of all, you will take a sharp LEGO to the foot. As you begin to accept the inevitable, join us as we peruse the toy company's history in search of the perfect baby name.


September themed baby names

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Are you expecting a September baby? Check out these great ideas for tying baby's name to her birth month!


Baby names inspired by Beyonce and Jay-Z

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The golden couple of music, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, have spent a lot of times in the headlines lately. Rumors of tensions between them, of her hunt for her own multi-million-dollar apartment and of their inevitable split have tainted their current On the Run Tour. But we have more positive hopes for the talented couple, and would even like to see them give daughter Blue Ivy a sibling. Furthermore, we think that new baby should bear a name inspired by one of their fabulous songs.


Brilliant baby names for girls

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Do you have big dreams for your baby girl?  Will she be an astronaut?  A physician? An inventor?  Plant the seeds of your daughter's brilliant future with one of these baby names inspired by female geniuses.


Names that will get your child bullied

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Kids have a tough enough time in school... why give them a name that will make life even more challenging for them? There are just some baby names that can wreak havoc on your child's social life:

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