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The best boy and girl names for March babies

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Saint Patrick's Day. The Easter season. The first day of spring. Blooming tulips and daffodils. These are the things that March is made of... what a great month to welcome a baby!


Baby names for tea lovers

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For centuries, people have looked to tea leaves as a method of divination, believing their patterns can predict the future. But could the tea leaves also predict your baby's name? 


Mardi Gras baby names

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Celebrate the arrival of your little bundle of joy with a baby name inspired by Mardi Gras!


Dance Moms-inspired baby names for girls

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Dance Moms is one of those embarrassingly addictive reality TV shows. A crude, tough-as-nails dance instructor punishes hardworking little girls for the misbehavior of their nasty, overly competitive mothers. Despite the dysfunction, the show serves up some terrific baby name ideas for girls.


Baby names from the Oscars

User Rating: / 7

The 86th Academy Awards — the Oscars — will air live at 7 p.m. on March 2, 2014. The ceremony will recognize the year's best films. While you watch, be sure to take note of some of the remarkable names of the talented nominees. You may just find one that works for your baby-to-be!


How to find a fantastic ancestral baby name

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Naming your baby after a loved one is an intensely meaningful choice, but it isn't always an option. Simply put, sometimes your loved ones have names you don't like. If your immediate family isn't full of names that inspire you, don't give up hope. Dig deeper for an ancestral baby name. This can still be a wonderful way to honor the living or recently departed. By choosing an ancestral baby name, you're still honoring your family's past.


Celebrities reveal their real (given) names

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Do you know anyone by the name of Caryn Elaine Johnson?  How about Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta? We're betting you'd recognize these famous ladies in an instant — if we called them by their stage names. Check out the names these celebrities were given by their parents… you may be surprised!


Our favorite blogger baby names

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Baby name inspiration can come from many aspects of your life. It's not uncommon for parents to choose names found on television or in a beloved book. These days, inspiration can also come from online. Blogs documenting personal lives continue to be a popular form of media. Parenting blogs, known fondly as "mommy blogs," are one of the most popular genres of personal blogs. To help you find chic and fun baby names, we've collected some of our favorite blogger baby names.


Baby names inspired by famous tennis players

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Do you have dreams that your son or daughter will one day reign supreme on the tennis court? Check out our list of the greatest male and female tennis players of all time to find the perfect baby name for your little champion-to-be.


Baby names inspired by '90s music

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The '90s may not seem like long ago, but nearly half of them happened at least two decades ago. These baby names are inspired by our favorite '90s musical artists.  


Baby names inspired by stars, galaxies and planets

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Looking for a truly unique baby name? Maybe it's time to shoot for the stars (and beyond)!  We've compiled a brilliant array of names inspired by the wonders of outer space. Is one of them just right for your little star-to-be?

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