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Best Retro Celebrity Baby Names of 2011

User Rating: / 4

Baby name trends in Hollywood seemed to have gone a little old school in 2011.  Whether it is a longing for simpler times, naming after a grandparent or loved one, or just for the love of all things vintage and retro, there is a definite trend toward older baby names.


Baby names inspired by romance novels

User Rating: / 17

From sexy characters to romantic predicaments, romance novels can help us escape for just a bit; especially when you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of your bundle of joy! Do you see your pea in the pod as a natural born romantic? From romance novel authors to some of the most popular romantic characters straight from the pages of these sultry paperbacks, check out baby names inspired by romance novels.


Least popular baby names for 2011

User Rating: / 48

Parents-to-be may love the most popular baby names, but when you choose a baby name chart topper, your bun in the oven will share the same label with a lot of other little ones. Looking for a good baby name that shares less of the spotlight but still holds true to this year's baby name trends? Here are the baby names we think will be the least popular baby names for 2011.


Unique Baby Girl Names of 2011

User Rating: / 395

Baby girl names that once sounded unique, such as Addison or Harper, have suddenly become popular and are climbing the popular baby name lists. If you are looking for a new or modern unique name that will stand out in a crowd (or at least in the pediatricians office!), check out our list of unique baby girl names of 2011.


Top Baby Names 2011

User Rating: / 569

What will be the top baby names of 2011? Looking at emerging baby name trends, we can predict what names will most likely be at the top of the charts for popular boy names and girl names. From unique names to destination names, like Ireland or London, to short names, like Hayes or Eve, find out what baby names we predict will be tops in 2011.


Celebrity Baby Names

User Rating: / 640

Does "glamorous" describe your personal taste?  Find out what the stars are naming their offspring and get great ideas for your baby, Hollywood style.


Popular Baby Names

User Rating: / 533

From the most recent popularity charts to the newest trends taking the world by storm, get the latest on what's hot this year.


Cool Baby Names

User Rating: / 359

Naming a little person you have yet to meet face-to-face is no small feat. But, that doesn’t mean you haven’t dreamed of what your little guy or gal’s personality just might be like.  Check out our list of cool baby boy names and cool baby girl names.


Exotic Baby Names and Meanings

User Rating: / 283

Emily and Ethan continue to be immensely popular baby names here in the US, but many parents-to-be are looking for names from other foreign cultures. Our list of exotic baby names from around the world is sure to inspire you.


Irish Baby Names: the Hottest New Trend

User Rating: / 331

The latest American given names trend is Irish!  Irish names are the latest rage, taking the top spots on national popularity charts and rising up out of the sea of given name choices. 


Unique Spellings: The New Twist on Baby Names

User Rating: / 551

It is becoming increasingly popular in recent years to bestow first and middle names that are more unconventional and unique.  More and more parents are changing the spelling of common names...

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