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Baby names inspired by '90s music

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The '90s may not seem like long ago, but nearly half of them happened at least two decades ago. These baby names are inspired by our favorite '90s musical artists.  


Baby names inspired by stars, galaxies and planets

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Looking for a truly unique baby name? Maybe it's time to shoot for the stars (and beyond)!  We've compiled a brilliant array of names inspired by the wonders of outer space. Is one of them just right for your little star-to-be?


Which baby names have the most spellings?

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The easiest way to make your baby's name stand out is to simply change the spelling of a traditional name. Liliana, for example, is also spelled Lilianna, Lilliana and Lillianna on the Social Security Administration's most current Top 1,000 Baby Names list. Look at the list more closely and it's apparent that a great many parents prefer trendy, alternative spellings. Try it out on your list of potential names.


Archaeology baby names

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Do you enjoy learning about ancient cultures? Excavation and discovery? These baby names inspired by archaeology may be just what you’re hoping for.


Baby names inspired by saints

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Within the Roman Catholic Church there are more than 10,000 canonized saints. Both males and females have been recognized and honored for their sanctity, virtue and holiness. Consider naming your baby after one of these well-known saints:


Quirky classic baby names

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Classic baby names are all the rage right now and while some are roaring back up the yearly popularity charts, others are still pretty unique. Here are some of our favorites.


Retail baby names inspired by your favorite stores

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If you love to shop, then you'll love these baby names (for boys and girls alike!) inspired by some of the nation's best-known retail stores.


Dark baby names

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These baby names not only mean “dark” or “black,” but we’ve found some of the coolest names that remind us of our scary favorites.  


Peppy baby names for girls

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Are you looking for a pretty, yet energetic, baby name for your little girl? These choices — from Aida to Verity — are right up your alley. 


Bold and powerful baby girl names

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Are you superstitious about baby names? Some parents feel that the name the pick will have great influence on a child's life. If you believe that the name you choose will affect your child's future, why not consider a name that's bold and powerful for your baby girl? You can always choose a name with a cute nickname if you're not quite ready for your little one to be bold and powerful. 


Baby names inspired by the Winter Olympics

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Pay tribute to famous American athletes with a baby name inspired by the Winter Olympic Games. You'll find outstanding baby name ideas among these well-known champions.

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