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50 Gorgeous global baby names

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Give your baby an exotic name from around the world. We've gathered two popular baby names (one girl, one boy) from 25 countries around the world. Which global moniker will make your short list?


Baby name trend: names with double letters

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You'll think you're seeing double as we present the best names in the latest baby-naming trend: names with double letters! Check out our favorites for baby girls and boys.


Artful baby names inspired by patterns and designs

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon named their son Morrocan, which is a classy, geometric pattern that is seriously popular in modern design. And you might not consider naming your baby Zig Zag, but who can forget beloved motivational speaker Zig Ziglar (whose given name was Hilary Hinton Ziglar)? Check out our list of fun pattern names for artful inspiration:


Cruising baby names from Route 66

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Summer means fresh watermelon, sunshine and road trips. Put the top down and cruise with us as we travel Route 66 looking for the best names for your summer baby.


Baby girl names no one is using

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Tired of the same old baby name suggestions? We've rounded up a dozen names — real names — for baby girls that no one seems to be using.


Celebrities with the most unusual names

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Celebrities have any number of ways of getting our attention and making a memorable impression. The famous folks here turn heads with the mere mention of their unusual names. Would you give your baby-to-be a name that stands out in a crowd?


Yummy fast food baby names for boys and girls

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In this fast-paced society, we are often grateful for the speed and convenience of fast food restaurants, coffeehouse chains and ice cream parlors. Grateful enough to name our baby after one of them?  This fun list may inspire you to do just that!


Two part first names for babies

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Parents struggle to narrow down their baby name lists to just one. For the lucky, one shining name stands out from the rest, but sometimes one name simply will not do. What to do when you can't bear to see a favorite go unnoticed in the middle-name slot? Choose two first names! 


ROY-G-BIV: Rainbow-inspired baby names

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Have you ever been drawn to a certain just because of its name? Amid an overload of options, the right name can make choosing the perfect hue (of paint, lipstick, hair color, bed linens) so much easier. Take inspiration from this when deciding on a baby name... we will get you started with these colorful suggestions:


Baby names inspired by the World Cup

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As baby's kicks get stronger and stronger, the certainty sets in: You are gestating the next David Beckham. Check out the 2014 World Cup squads as you search for the perfect name for your future footballer — boy or girl.


Baby names that work in English and French

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Will your baby have a French-speaking parent or other relative? Finding a name that works in both languages can be tricky. Check out these gorgeous baby names to get you started.

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