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The Duggar Family Expecting 19th Baby

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Duggar familyJim Bob and Michelle Duggar, stars of TLC’s 18 Kids and Counting, have announced that surprise baby #19 is on the way. The welcome addition is expected in March 2010, just months after their first grandchild is due!

As fans know, every Duggar child is home schooled, plays violin and piano, and has a name that begins with the letter J.

From eldest to youngest, the Duggar children are named:

1. Joshua – Hebrew, “Jehovah is generous”

2.  Jana – Hebrew, “Gift from God”

 3.  John-David – English, “Jehovah has been gracious”

4.  Jill – English, “Child of the gods”

5. Jessa – Hebrew, “God beholds”

6. Jinger – unknown origin and meaning

7. Joseph – Hebrew, “May Jehovah give increase”

8. Josiah – Hebrew, “Jehovah has healed”

9. Joy- Anna – English, “Rejoicing”

10. Jedidiah – Hebrew, “Beloved of Jehovah”

11. Jeremiah – Hebrew, “May Jehovah exalt”

12. Jason – Greek, “To heal”

13. James – Hebrew, “He grasps the heel”

14. Justin – English, “Just, righteous”

15. Jackson – English, “Son of Jack”

 16. Johannah – Hebrew, variant of Joan, “Gift from God”

17. Jennifer – Celtic, “White wave”

 18. Jordyn – English, “Flowing down”

We can safely assume that Baby 19 will have a J name, too. Here are some possibilities, all Hebrew in origin:

For a boy:
Jaap – “Supplanter”

Jaden – “Jehovah has heard”

Jael – “Mountain goat”

Jamian – “Right hand of favor”

Jankia – “Gift from God”

Jasper – “Jewel”

Jeannot – “Gift from God”

Jethro – “Abundance”’

Job – “Persecuted”

Jocheved – “God is glorious”

Jonah – “Dove”

Jory – “God will uplift”

Josu – “God saves”

Jude – “Praise,” variant of Judah

Juha – “Gift from God”

For a girl:
Jaffa – “Beauty”

Jane – “Gift from God”

Jaquenette – “Supplanter”

Jemma – “Little dove”

Jenda – “Gift from God”

Jocelin – “Supplanter”

Jodi – “Praised”

Joelle – “Jehovah is God”

Jokine – “God will establish”

Jola – “Jehovah is God”

Jone – “Gift from God”

Jorie – “God will uplift”

Josette – “God will add”

Juanita – “Gift from God”

Judith – “Praised”

The Duggars strongly believe that every child is a gift from God, so perhaps they’ll name Baby 19  Joop or Jooseppi, Hebrew names meaning “God will multiply.”

The Duggars have been both praised and criticized for their large brood. What do you think?

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written by Momof2boys, September 04, 2009
How can the Duggars give 19 children all the emotional support they need? And, as far as baby names for the Duggars, I think it is so strange they all have J names!
written by Christine Jarman, September 17, 2009
wow they should've stopped when they found their son was expecting..
The Duggar's had 19th baby!
written by OKMom3, December 12, 2009
Did you hear the Duggar family had their 19th baby? A girl named Josie Brooklyn. She born premature weighing a little over 1 pound.
written by paige, December 13, 2009
this isnt a very good question. no one should judge them for having children...i think its great, to be able to take care of 19 a days people act like they cant take care of 1!!!!!!!!!
written by Kirsty , March 30, 2010
I agree with Paige but I do think its crazy to have that many kids and all the kids seem happy :) each to their own yeh ? I mean I want a large family but 19 is A LOT :) good luck to them I say :))

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