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Heath Insurance During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time for most women.  One of the things that can really put a damper on the experience is the cost of delivering and raising a baby.  Learn some basics about your right for health insurance.

Statistics have shown that many children in the US don't have health insurance coverage, for at least a few months each year.  In addition, many pregnant women don't have health insurance coverage, leading to high costs of pregnancy and health risks.  To address these problems you may now be eligible for free medical care during your pregnancy, and once your children are born, they may receive free health insurance.

Medical care during your pregnancy

Unlike many other Western countries, there is no health insurance in the US which is free of charge.  The vast majority of people receive health insurance coverage through their working place; this option is the cheapest one in most cases.  If you work from home, you are unemployed or self-employed - you have to care for your health coverage yourself, and it is costly!  These facts create a situation in which many pregnant women and children don't have medical insurance. 

To offer women and children free medical care, different organizations have free community clinics and local health departments. In addition, there are different options to receive assistance with access to health service from government programs called WIC.  These programs concentrate on assistance with food and nutritional counseling, but also offer advice regarding medical care.  There are terms of eligibility you must meet.  You can read more about this on:  

Your local or state health department, as well as social workers and medical personnel, can offer information on health insurance and medical care and may be able to explain the eligibility requirement of the WIC or other possible programs.  Remember, the more you find out about the subject, the most likely you are to receive the best medical care available without private health insurance.

Health Insurance for Children
After your baby is born, health insurance is available in each state through the Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The insurance is available to children in working families, including families with a variety of immigration statuses. This program benefits children under age 18 who do not have insurance. The states have different rules, but in most states, uninsured children 18 years old and younger, whose families earn up to $34,100 a year, are eligible. 

This health insurance is offered either at a low-cost or no cost. The health insurance pays for: doctor visits, prescription medicines, hospitalizations and more.  Medical care will help your child grow strong and healthy, allowing you to give them the care they need.
For more information, contact your state's program by making a free call to 1-877-KIDS-NOW.  You can also check out the SCHIP internet site on:  Having health insurance is likely to make your life much easier.


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