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Dental Care during Pregnancy

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Oral health is an expression of your general health. That is why maintaining oral health during your pregnancy is important.

You might have heard the old wives tale saying you will lose a tooth during your pregnancy. This does not have to the case. Be vigilant and aware of these common symptoms:

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Hormonal changes affect your gum area, making it vulnerable to inflammations and bacteria. This can be prevented by brushing and flossing daily. If you can, take a trip to dental hygienist for a thorough cleaning. As you will be eating more, you will have to brush more. A piece of chocolate you ate at lunch can cause havoc on your teeth. Brush after every snack, especially sugar snacks.

Periodontal Disease and Premature Birth

It is now known that one of the reasons for premature birth is Periodontal Disease, a serious gum disease. Researchers believe that the bacteria causing Periodontal Disease, enters the blood stream, triggering premature labor. If your baby is born prematurely, chances are it has not achieved his potential weight, causing him to be in an incubator.

Pregnancy Tumors

During the second trimester, you might suffer from red swollen lumps on your gums. These lumps are called "Pregnancy Tumors" and even they are not cancerous or deadly, they must be surgically removed.

Dental Emergencies during Pregnancy

The majority of dentists believe that major dental treatments should be done after giving birth. This is due to the complications that can occur in surgery or in the antibiotics given during treatment. If you have an appointment for the dentist, alert him of your condition! It is very important that he knows as he will treat you differently.
In cases of an emergency, seek appropriate treatment. Make sure that the dentist knows your condition. In cases of pregnancy substances such as Novacane are given in a different quantity as they can penetrate the placenta. Also antibiotics such as tetracycline can cause damage to your baby and will not be used.

Remember to brush and floss daily so your smile will be beautiful when your baby comes.





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