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Constipation is caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy which relax bowel muscles, giving your digestive system more time to insure that you absorb as many nutrients as possible for you and your baby.

StomachacheConstipation will go away after giving birth and is considered a minor discomfort (everything is relative), but here are a few tips that may help ease the discomfort:

• Fiber, Fiber, Fiber!!! Eat a diet rich in fiber which helps the digestive system expel food more easily. Foods which contain high amounts of fiber are: cereals, whole grain bread, vegetables and fruit, dried fruit, brown rice, broccoli and beans. Avoid fried foods or white bread which may clog up your stomach.

• Eat slowly and moderately. Eating fast and large quantities will make you gassy and can cause indigestion.

• Don’t eat late at night, but if you do, go for the healthy choice: dried fruit, nuts or whole grain crackers.

• Stay active! Get your metabolism going and don’t sit around all day. Staying active is key for a healthy pregnancy and to get back to your normal self after giving birth.

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 The Pregnancy book for later.

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