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Itchy and Sensitive Belly (Abdominal Itchiness)

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When your skin starts to stretch during pregnancy, your stomach will start to itch and the skin may become irritated.

Here are a few tips to relieve the itchiness and sensitivity:

• Rub moisturizers on the affected area.  Natural and mild lotions are recommended.
• Don’t scratch! Scratching or rubbing your skin causes the skin to be more sensitive. Fight the urge; it will only make it worse.
• Soak yourself in tempered baths. Consult a pharmacist to recommend an soothing oil.
• Keep your skin moist. Avoid foods that can make your skin fry, such as fried foods.

What has worked for you? Home remedies? Please share with us.

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Red Fox Tub O Butter
written by Sheneaka McMillan, July 18, 2010
Its a natural cocoa buter my childs father came across in the Native American Reservation. It does wonders. Relives itchy and dry skin immediately.

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