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Best Positions for Active Labor

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Best Positions for Active Labor
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When considering the best positions for giving birth, the goal is getting the baby out as quickly and as painlessly as possible.  Today many women give birth lying down.  Research and experience has shown that an upright position can bring a quicker labor with less pain.  During labor, being in an upright position lets the force of gravity help push the baby out and dilate the cervix quicker.

Most women find that the onset of labor symptoms give them an urge to move around and be active rather than passive.  Some experts recommend that resting periodically during the early onset of symptoms can help a woman save energy for later on.  However, it is best to follow your own instinct and listen to your body. 

As your contractions get stronger, it is extremely beneficial to get into a meditative state.  Pay attention to what is happening in your body and do not fight it.  Breathing techniques and visualization are methods that you can use to focus and mentally relax your body.  The miracle that has been growing inside you for so many months is ready to be released into the world.  Labor is an amazing and powerful experience for a woman.  Remember that the human mind has great power over our perception of pain.  Staying focused on the process and calming your mind can ease the pain of labor and bring you fully into the moment of the amazing experience.

Leaning toward the front is recommended during contractions.  Although there are many different positions that are beneficial during labor, you should feel free to move between each and experiment with what feels best.  Closer to the climax of the contractions, you will most like find it difficult to shift positions too much.  Most likely by then you will find a position that suits you best and is most comfortable.  There is research that suggests changing positions throughout the labor process reduces the amount of time it takes for the cervix to dilate up to 50%!

If you experience lower back pain, irregular contractions or the labor is taking a long time, this may be an indication of Back Labor.  Leaning forward during contractions in this case is very important.   You can support yourself on pillows, the back of a chair or another stable object.

Epidurals may make an active labor difficult if not impossible.  Your caretaker during labor will be able to tell you if you can get into the positions of your choice.  Because of the numbing effect of epidurals, the lower part of your body may be too numb for you to attempt certain poses.  If you decide to have an epidural, the best position may be to lie on your left side.


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