Utah: The Home of the Mormon Baby Name

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Original and creative names may be the latest trend taking the baby names world by storm, but deep in the heart of the West side sits a state in which unique names are not just mainstream, they are a birthright.

  Utah is well known as the home of Mormon culture, and Mormons are well known for their creativity with their baby name choices, and their influence has cast its spell on non-Mormon residents as well. In fact, many Utahns can spot a "Utahnesque" name just by its special originality and local flavor, such as the combination of the parent's names to form the baby name.  Even many of the most well-known Utahns carry names that a baby name enthusiast would add to their list of ideas. Some famous Utah residents include:
Ezra  Taft Benson - US Secretary of Agriculture
Orson Scott Card - Science fiction author
Butch Cassidy – An infamous outlaw
Philo Farnsworth – The inventor who came up with the electronic television
Jewel – Singer
Merlin Olsen – NFL player and actor
Utah Phillips – Songwriter and activist
LeConte Stewart –Artist
Mahonri Young – An artist and sculptor

   Will the new international tendency to bestow unique baby names put pressure on the Utah parent to be even more creative? According to the latest statistics from the Social Security Administration, many Utah parents are still giving popular names to their offspring, with the tops of the charts resembling those of the rest of the country. Ethan , Joshua, Jacob and Samuel grace the top four places for boys, and Emma, Abigail, Olivia and Elizabeth for girls. However a look further down the list reveals a bit of the true Utahn baby name style, with names such as Maxwell, Bridger, Tessa and Reagan gracing the list.

For a dose of pure Utahn name culture, The Utah Baby Namer has published the cream of the crop of names given to the newest Utah citizens.  Some of the greatest trailblazers include:

Baby Boy Names 
Baby Girl Names 

1. Azer Baloo

 1. Aarikkaa

2. Bryce-Zock

 2. Aaronita

3. Captain

 3. Bimberly

4. Daxson Ekewaka

 4. Bonniekaye

5. DeRaunz

 5. Charlesanne

6. El Myrrh

 6. Chinchilla Zest

7. Halloween

 7. Demeatrice

8. JaceSon

 8. DeFonda Virtue

9. Jessik

 9. Ferhana

10. Kalijah

 10. GennaVieve

11. Lennis

 11. Irlanda

12. Mishaun

 12. Najestica

13. Neaf

 13. Placentia

14. Nephi Courage

 14. Quintessa

15. Rhendon

 15. Rishi

16. Ryland

 16. Sevenly

17. Takoda

 17. Shenise

18. Thermos

 18. Syringa

19.   WaDrew

 19. Tamarin

20.   Xanderrick

 20. Venedee

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