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17 Baby names that are banned around the world

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

When it comes to baby names, anything goes, right? Not necessarily. Some countries have actually banned certain words from being used as names. When you see these names, your question won't be, "Why have these names been banned?" but rather, "Why would anyone ever want to give such a name to a child?"

In the United Kingdom, for example, parents cannot give their baby a name that promotes vulgarity, hate (racial or religious) or drug use. Names that poke fun at people or government officials are also forbidden.  Around the rest of the world, however, the rules are even more specific:

In Portugal, you cannot put a nickname on a birth certificate. The legal document would record your child's name as Joseph, Tomas or Susan, but not shortened variants like Joe, Tom or Sue.

Chinese parents attempted to name their baby Wang @ (@ is pronounced ai-ta), but government officials said no.

Sonora, a Mexican state, is not about to let silly baby name trends take hold. It has banned names such as Facebook, Traffic and other names that are "lacking in meaning." On the other hand, some names that do have meaning, including Circumcision, are a no-no (but should not present a major problem). Sonora also forbids parents to put Robocop, Terminator, James Bond or Lady Di on the birth certificate.

In Saudi Arabia, many Western names, such as Alice, Elaine and Linda, and names with royal undertones, such as Prince, are forbidden.

Don't go to Sweden if you want to name your daughter Metallica. A young girl named after the heavy metal band was denied a passport because of her moniker. In an attempt to rebel against strict Swedish naming laws, another set of parents tried to name their baby Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116, which is pronounced Albin.

A 9-year-old girl in New Zealand was placed into court guardianship so that her name, Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii, could be legally changed. Those unreasonable New Zealand naming officials also forbid the use of Sex Fruit as a baby name – believe it or not, it was actually an issue.

The U.S. doesn't ban specific baby names, but American citizens are free to make their baby naming dislikes known. A cake shop refused to put Heath Campbell's son's name on a birthday cake. But only because the boy's name is Adolf Hitler, brother of Eva Braun and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation.

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