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Fanny Whiffer? The Worst Baby Names Ever

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You might get a chuckle out of the following list, which was generated from data from the US Census and are names of actual people who are (or were) living in the United States. You might be horrified or even slightly amused. If you are considering a really (really!) unique name yourself, however, you might put yourself in your child's position and picture the name in a classroom, on a resume or on a business card -- and definitely always pair the first name with your last name!

laughing boyThere has probably been a moment in your life where you have heard a child's name and thought, "What?! They named him that?" Some names are silly or unfortunate by themselves and others are simply awful, embarrassing or downright cruel when paired with certain last names.

Ordinary or traditional names (such as Harry) next to particular last names (such as Butz) might not be the best choice for a name for your next baby, unless you wish to make him the center of jokes for the rest of his life, and making a name too unique may cause him years of teasing or low self-esteem.

Many moms and dads today are striving more than ever to come up with unique names. One reason may be that when they were young, there were bounds of Ashleys and Jennifers and Marks and Davids in their classrooms or perhaps they themselves were known as Jennifer S. or Mark W. They might wish for their child to stand out in a good way and have a memorable name that doesn't get confused with other kids. Other parents, however, use their naming powers to come up with names that are truly off the wall. The reasons may be the same but oftentimes the results don't necessarily have a happy ending.

Check out some unique (yet not off-the-wall) unique baby name ideas for your baby girl or baby boy.

Check out this list of silly and unfortunate baby names that were recorded as actual names in the US Census. Unforunately, we are not making these up!

Uranus Stukey
Ghoul Nipple
Acne Fountain
Lust T. Castle
Mary A. Jerk
Ima Whore
Mutton Bucker
Hugh Jass
Fanny Whiffer
Tackle Feigenbutz
Envy Burger
Bum Snoddy
Mule E. McCart
Lard Mooney
Good Hell
Emma Royd
Noble Butt
Naught E. Bishop
Stud Duck

What do you think of these crazy baby names? Join the BabyHold message boards and share with us the worst baby name you have heard.

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written by Bryna Starr, February 22, 2010
that is so incredibly horrible! those names... i would die with one of those names.

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