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Forbidden baby names

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Thanks to the Bible, history and pop culture, there are some baby names that should not make your short list. While you might really like the way a name sounds or just want to protest the forbidden status of a name, it's not fair to your child to saddle him with one of these unwelcome monikers.

Adolf: Thanks to Hitler, the name Adolf will forever be synonymous with evil. Nevertheless, New Jersey parents opted to name their eldest child Adolf Hitler Campbell.

Cain:  Would you rather your son be named after a murderer when he could just as easily be called Abel? If you're set on Cain, why not consider Keane?

Cohen: As a sacred surname, many of Jewish culture believe that the name Cohen should only be given to those who legitimately inherit the name from their family.

Damien: Apparently, enough years have passed since the Omen movies suggested that Damien was the antichrist and son of the devil, as the name is growing in popularity.

Dick: Sadly, this once-popular name (think Dick Clark) now carries with it only negative connotations.

Hannibal: "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti." Enough said.

Jezebel: The Hebrew meaning of Jezebel is "virginal," but most find the name synonymous with "hussy."

Judas: Perhaps it's better to name your son Jude or Judah rather than give a name that pays tribute to the betrayer of Jesus Christ.

Lucifer: While New Zealand has banned this devilish moniker, some U.S. parents have embraced it as a perfectly acceptable name for a baby boy.

Sambo: The 1899 children's book Little Black Sambo was quite popular until Langston Hughes called it out for being hurtful to black children.

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