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Haitian baby names

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The nation of Haiti, located in the Caribbean on the island of Hispaniola, is home to exotic culture and beautiful scenery as well as a host of gorgeous baby names for your baby girl or baby boy. Colonized by Spain and then by France, the country also has a rich native history. Check out Haitian baby names, like Flore and Gilles, right here, along with their meanings!

Babies in Haiti are often given French names due to the early colonization. Also, names that were made prominent during the Haitian Revolution in the late 18th century are popular as well. It is also very common to include Jean in a boy's name and Marie in a girl's name, including them with a second name, such as Marie Jocelyn or Jean Phillipe. There is also another trend for first names that are last names, such as Wilkenson, and it is also common for parents to create new, unique names for their little ones, often by incorporating both of their names in their child's name!

Read on to find out the coolest Haitian baby names!

Haitian baby names for girls

Astryd: Another version of the name Astrid, this means "fair, beautiful goddess."

Atabei: This name comes from Haitian legend -- she is the mother of the sky god.

Chantale: A French name, this means "stone."

Elsie: Another form of the name Elspeth, which in turn is a version of the name Elizabeth.

Flore: This comes from Flora or Florence and means "flowering, in bloom."

Johanne: This is another version of the Hebrew name Johanna which means "God's grace."

Laurette: This is a version of Laurel and refers to the laurel plant.

Lyne: This is another form of the name Lynn, which means "waterfall, pool."

Mahalia: This Hebrew name means "tender one."

Manouchka: Of uncertain meaning, this name is popular in Haiti.

Martine: Meaning "dedicated to Mars," this name has Latin roots.

Nadege: This is another form of the name Nadia and is popular in Haiti.

Nadia: A Russian name gaining in popularity in Haiti, this means "hope."

Nathaly: This is another version of the name Natalie and means "birthday."

Violine: This name comes from the violet plant.

Haitian baby names for boys

Alain: This is the French version of the name Alan and means "precious."

Edgard: Another version of Edgar, this means "wealthy spear."

Elice: Meaning "Lord is my God," this name has Hebrew roots. It is another version of Elias.

Frantz: This is a variant of the name Francis and means "free man."

Georges: A French name, this was the name of an early leader during the Haitian Revolution.

Gilles: Celtic in origin, this means "servant of Jesus."

Janjak: The Haitian Creole name of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, this was the first ruler of Haiti after it gained independence.

Patrice: This is a French version of the name Patrick and means "noble, patrician."

Serge: A variation of the name Sergio, this means "attendant."

Thierry: This French name is a variation of the name Theodoric and means "power of the tribe."

Toussaint: This was the name of the leader of the Haitian Revolution. It means "all saints."

Valery: Meaning "strong, healthy," this is related to the name Valerian.

Wester: This directional baby name is unique and cool.

Yann: This is the French version of the name John.

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