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Names with Characteristic Meanings

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We all want our kids to grow up to be successful, smart and happy adults. Some parents name their baby after a quality they revere and want to grant the child.
Choosing a name with a characteristic can give you an opportunity to name your child after a quality you find important.

Let's say that a baby is born to an agrarian society. The main qualities for being a successful farmer are strength, sturdiness, resilience and independence. An abundance of names were given in hope the baby would grow and succeed his father in the field or her mother in house jobs.

 In all societies it is common to give these kinds of names: in Japan, agrarian countries many names were invented: Takeo which means "Strong like bamboo",
We all want our kids to grow up to be successful, smart and happy adults. Some parents name their baby after a quality they revere and want to grant the child.
Choosing a name with a characteristic can give you an opportunity to name your child after a quality you find important.

Hanna, a girl name meaning flower, Hiraku Meaning expand, open, pioneer. In the Japanese culture and its religion Shinto beauty and intelligence is regarded as a high ideals and names are given to inspire the child and his parents: Toshiro is bright, intelligent as the name of the biggest Japanese movie star in all times Toshiro Mipone. Emi  is a Japanese originated girl name meaning beautiful and
Akira  meaning bright and clear.

In western societies it is also common to find names with characteristics. Name etymologies research found out interesting meanings to common, seemingly meaningless names:  Albert is noble, bright, and famous, Berthold is "bright strength" or "renowned leader".
Several names became popular in the 17th  and 18th  century, at the peak of   The Age of Enlightenment, which were inspired by the freedom of man and the coming to age of reason: Berton, Bertram, Lambert, Shanahan and Bertha means bright and clever.
But the most popular inspired characteristic is strength. Several names have developed in many societies meaning strength and sturdiness. Here is a small amount of names: Adira, Alima, Bernadette, Ethan, Chasina, Fortney, Gertrude, Ronni, Valencia, Alexander, Armstrong, Ballard, Bernard, Burchard and  Conall.

But what about your baby's monetary destiny? Parents have named their kids after names which mean richness and plentifully in hope that the name will fulfill the destiny. Some names are: Darius, Daria, Edwina, Pluto, Richmond and Donald.

Ever since the dawn of man, parents have given their babies name so that they will be inspired and the name will guide their life. A name can mold your child's personality, even in the aspects of daily life. A name can give strength, wealth or wisdom. It is your child's task to learn how to use it.

Do you think a name can mold your baby's personality?

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Comments (20)Add Comment
written by rajib khatua, July 03, 2008
proper and good name
written by Auslyn Taylor, December 17, 2008
I love Emilyn it's very fun, outgoing, and sounds like a cute girl.
My granddma is Gloria and my mom is Veronica
boys names !!!
written by elena, December 28, 2008
i really need a nice unique boys name preferably a middle name as well
my girls are called Lexa-rae and Rory-raine

any suggestions?
boys names suggestion
written by Amanda, December 30, 2008
My son who recently passed away at fifteen months name is Haiden William. Haiden is from the english name hayden which is a beautiful name for a baby boy means from the valley of hay. William is german and means determined guardian or protector. I suggest the name william because of the meaning. It is definately a name that during his time on earth already fulfilled. He was so determined to learn and was very protective over everyone he loved and cared about.
written by Dominique , February 19, 2009
i like this name becuase i think it's unique and not too many people have it.
written by Kymberlee, February 23, 2009
I was messing around one day with names and came up with this name. Alixia.
Alixia May is a beautiful girl name.
written by elliane, April 12, 2009
what do you about Janiyah Allure
written by Madelynne, July 20, 2009
I'm young, so I'm not planning on having a child soon but when I do, I hope I have a red head because I have red hair. I found out the name Rowan means little red head! Any ideas for a middle name or a first name to use with Rowan?
written by bia, September 20, 2009
Well, I don't know if you would like this but i thought it sounded nice. Rowan-Dawn i think goes well with this name. It sounds like a cute red head to me!
written by Aubree, September 23, 2009
i already know if i have a boy im goin to name him hayden james but i have a few options for a girl...

or brooklyn
written by Rose Keen, December 27, 2009
My daughter's name is Connie Lilianna, and if I have a son his name will be Gabriel Lee. I also have another girl's name: Ryona Caileigh.

And what about Makayla Rylie or Bralee Rose...
written by Amaterasu, February 10, 2010
my name actualy nice n no so common around japan.. amaterasu means sun goddess... is from old shinto religon.. another so cute name i alwayz likes was aiko (eye ko) meanz child of love... kawaii ne??!! (both r obviously fo girl tho)
unusual baby names girl and boys any ideas?
written by Stacey, March 30, 2010
I would like a name for a boy and girl i want something different any ideas..... My baby is due in july 2010.
To Aubree
written by John, April 13, 2010
Brooklyn Nicole!!!! If I had a girl (instead of 4 boys, lol) that's what I would have named her! :D
written by nyree kittinger, July 05, 2010
i love the name Rowan, and Breck means freckled! So you could maybe go with Breck Rowan, freckled redhead. That, i think, is cute!
My unique names...
written by Shyla86, July 13, 2010
My name is Shyla and i havent heard my name often, I find its unique and beautiful as well, I also have a 2 year old son named Kodyn pronounced (Ko din) I love his name and i thought i made it up but found a lady in australia who also named her son Kodyn 12 yrs ago lol small world, she also thought she made it up :) I also like McKerra for a girl but still not sure please tell me what you think :) feel free to use the names as well if you love them :)
unique name
written by Benti, October 04, 2010
I think a unique name gives automatic licence to think for oneself..
girl's name, start with letter R
written by htelim, October 13, 2010
I want a girl's unique name, start with a letter
@ htelim
written by Isabel Clare, February 22, 2011
My fave R girl's name is Rhiannon. That and Railyn.
written by Dr Fraz Anwar, September 06, 2011
i am going to choose michael as my baby boy name

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