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Nature Names – Connecting with the Elements

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We name our kids after almost every element in our daily life. But why don't we name more babies after elements of nature?

The flower power movement made names from nature popular. It fit the life style these young people wanted their children to inherit. In this trend there were more traditional names such as Ash, Birch and Storm, and names that went "far out" such as Leaf, Rainbow, Comet or Tiger Lilly. When the spirit of the generation faded, the names disappeared as well and the brief era of modern English names that was inspired by the elements vanished.

The only nature-inspired names that stuck are the classic names that were in the Anglo-Saxon "name dictionary", and include mostly girl names such as Rose,   Camellia, Iris, Lilac, Poppy or Ginger.

In other cultures it is customary to give names from nature. The name Lev (Leo) in Russian means lion. The writer Leo Tolstoy is the most famous carrier of the name. In the Jewish culture you can name a child after any element of nature, animal or season. Popular names for boys are Erez, which means cedar, Zvi which means deer, Yam which means sea and Barak which means lightning. Popular girl names are Tal which means due, Ilana which means a female tree, and Keren which means ray. In the Hindu culture there are many names that are inspired by the elements such as Tamara, which means a palm tree, Yamuna which is another name for the Ganges River, or the name Jasmin, which is known all around the world.

Today there is a comeback to nature names. Names such as Sky, Stone, Juniper and Skylark can be heard. The golf star Tiger Woods inspired many parents to name their babies after nature elements and globalization opened up possibilities for naming your child after trees and spices. We should embrace this new trend, which gives us the choice to name our baby after an element we are in awe of, so that twenty years from now you may meet a rock, a river or a coal.

What other beautiful nature names do you suggest?
Names to think about:
Comet, Drake, Flint, Tulip, Cayenne, Ember, Skylark, Isle, Rio and Tempest.




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Nature Names
written by CDS, February 07, 2008
I like the name Canna, as in Canna Lilly.
written by sarah baker, April 21, 2008
I love tiger lilly, but my most favourite name is my little girls name, saffron-rose,
What I like
written by Kayla Maree, July 13, 2008
I really like the name Lily and Skye is also quite nice as well.
written by Seaason, September 25, 2008
my given name is Seaason... cant get much ore elemental than that
written by jessica thompson, October 03, 2008
lilian raine or
ayita rozene (rozene is rose)
written by Stephanie, April 18, 2009
I grew up with a family of girls named Summer, Skye, and Sunshine.
written by ayla marie ormond, June 08, 2009
what do you think of Rain-Ann or Sunny-Marie or Sunny-Rai or Briar-lynn
written by Kendall, July 08, 2009
I like Briar-lynn maybe without the hyphen though... something like Briarlynn or Briar Lynn.
I also love Ayita Rozene. I live in Argentina and the pronunciation of Ayita would be ah-zhee-ta... the 'y' is pronounced like the 's' in measure. so pretty... and Rozene is very original, it flows beautifully!
written by Bonnie, July 01, 2010
I like Lily-Rose Rain, Fleur Blossom, and Iris Amarantha.
My friend...
written by Kathrine, January 25, 2011
My friend's name is Summer and her Sister's name is Autumn
written by CoreeSilvera, January 27, 2011
Summer & Autumn are both pretty girl names..kinda cool to have both in the same family
More Nature Names!
written by Aleta Castelle, April 04, 2011
Here are some more names (some might have been already mentioned in the article):

Zinnia (a flower)
Dahlia (a flower)
Elowen (which is Cornish for pine tree)
Talia (Hebrew for dew of heaven)
Alizarin (a shade of orange)
Amethyst (a purple precious stone)
Jacinth (an orange stone)
Jessamine (a flower)
Tarragon (a flower)
Acacia (a kind of tree)
Rowan (a kind of tree; means red in Gaelic)
Sparrow, Robin, Linnet

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