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Baby girl names inspired by First Ladies

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If Presidential names are perfect for boys, then the names of our First Ladies are ideal for girls. Here you’ll find a delightful list of every First Lady and names that run the gamut from traditional to trendy.


Five of our First Ladies were named either Abigail or Anna.

  • Abigail Powers, wife of Millard Fillmore
  • Abigail Smith wife of John Adams
  • Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin Roosevelt
  • Anna Grace Goodhew, wife of Calvin Coolidge
  • Anna Tuthill Symmes, wife of William Henry Harrison



Our only B-named First Lady was the elder Mrs. Bush.

  • Barbara Pierce, wife of George H.W. Bush



How many of you knew that Lady Bird Johnson’s real first name was Claudia?



Mrs. Madison’s name graces the packages of yummy desserts even today (spelled Dolly Madison).

  • Dolley Payne Todd, wife of James Madison           



Eight First Ladies had E names, although three of them were better known as Bess, Betty and Eliza.

  • Edith Bolling Galt, wife of Woodrow Wilson
  • Edith Kermit Carow, wife of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Eleanor Rosalynn Smith, wife of Jimmy Carter
  • Eliza McCardle, wife of Andrew Johnson
  • ElizabethBess” Virginia Wallace, wife of Harry S. Truman
  • ElizabethBetty” Bloomer Warren, wife of Gerald Ford
  • ElizabethEliza” Kortright, wife of James Monroe
  • Ellen Lewis Herndon, wife of Chester Arthur



Just two First Ladies had a name beginning with F.

  • Florence Kling DeWolf, wife of Warren Harding
  • Frances Fulsom, wife of Grover Cleveland



Interestingly, our two H-named First Ladies also has maiden names beginning with H.

  • Hannah Hoes, wife of Martin Van Buren
  • Helen Herron, wife of William Howard Taft



Ida is one of those really old names that we expect will make a comeback in light of a recent trend toward the old-fashioned.

  • Ida Saxton, wife of William McKinley



The J-named Presidents were John and James, while the First Ladies were Jackie, Jane and Julia.

  • JacquelineJackieLee Bouvier, wife of John Kennedy
  • Jane Means Appleton, wife of Franklin Pierce
  • Julia Boggs Dent, wife of Ulysses S. Grant
  • Julia Gardiner, second wife of John Tyler



What a variety of L-named First Ladies!

  • Laura Welch, wife of George W. Bush
  • Letitia Christian, first wife of John Tyler
  • Lou Henry, wife of Herbert Hoover
  • Louisa Catherine Johnson, wife of John Quincy Adams
  • Lucretia Rudolph, wife of James Garfield
  • Lucy Ware Webb, wife of Rutherford B. Hayes



Our first and current First Ladies both boast names beginning with M.

  • Margaret Mackall Smith, wife of Zachary Taylor
  • Martha Dandridge Custis, wife of George Washington
  • Martha Wayles, wife of Thomas Jefferson
  • MaryMamieGeneva Doud, wife of Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Mary Todd, wife of Abraham Lincoln
  • Michelle Robinson, wife of Barack Obama



Our only N-named First Lady was actually the second wife of Ronald Reagan. (His first wife was Jane Wyman.)

  • Nancy David, wife of Ronald Reagan



Rachel’s husband appears on the $20 bill.

  • Rachel Donelson Robards, wife of Andrew Jackson



None of our Presidents’ names (first or last) began with S, and just one First Lady’s did.

  • Sarah Childress, wife of James Polk



We all knew Mrs. Nixon as Pat, but her given name was Thelma Patricia.


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