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Celebrity Twin Baby Names

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If you’re seeing double trying to twin baby names you’re not alone. Coming up with one baby name is hard enough and moms expecting multiples may face double the stress when it comes to choosing the right pair of names for their little ones.

sarah Jessica Parker and twinsWhen it comes to finding advice on naming your twins you’ll find everything from topics on choosing names with similar sounds and spellings, to focusing on a theme for each baby.

With the recent celebrity baby boom you may also want to look to the star and check out what our favorite celebrities choose for their twins.

Famous Celebrity Twins

Be inspired when searching for the perfect two names with this list of celebrity twins in the spotlight. Who knows? Your twins could be the next Disney stars!

Check out our pick of the top celebrity twins in the spotlight:

•    Identical twins and pro football players Tiki and Ronde Barber.
•    Identical sisters on Disney Channel Tia and Tamara Mowry.
•    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
•    Joel and Benji Madden from the band Good Charlotte
•    Scarlett Johansson, has one, her brother, named Hunter.
•    Disney TV’s Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Top 38 Celebrity Twin Baby Names                           

1. Sarah Jessica Parker: Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge (pictured above)

2. Holly Robinson-Peete: Daughter Ryan and son Rodney Jr.

3. Mia Hamm: Grace Isabella and Ava Caroline

4. Joan Lunden:  Max and Kate & Kimberly Elise and Jack Andrew

5. Jane Seymour: Sons Johnny and Kris

6. Laura Bush:    Jenna and Barbara

7. Angelina Jolie: Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline

8. Rebecca Romijn: Dolly and Charlie

9. Lisa Marie Presley: Finley and Harper

10. Julia Roberts: Hazel and Phinnaeus

11. Marcia Cross: Eden and Savannah

12. Jennifer Lopez: Emme and Max

13. Kate Gosselin: Cara Nicole and Madelyn Kate

14. Diana Krall: Dexter Henry & Frank Harlan

15. Dave Matthews: Stella Busian and Grace Anne

16. Joan Crawford: Catherine and Cynthia

17. Ron Howard: Paige and Jocelyn

18. Michael J. Fox: Aquinnah and Schuyler   

19. Madeline Albright: Anne and Alice       

20. Nat King Cole: Timolin and Casey

21. Lance Armstrong: Grace and Isabella

22. Muhammad Ali: Rasheeda and Jamilah

23. Bruce Hornsby: Russell and Keith   

24. James Taylor: Henry David and Rufus Logan

25. Robert DeNiro: Julian and Aaron

26. Malcolm X: Twin girls, Malaak and Malikah   

27. Mel Gibson:    Christian and Edward

28. Niki Taylor: Hunter and Jake

29. Ray Ramano:    Matthew and Gregory

30. Angela Bassett: Slater Josiah and Bronwyn Golden

31. Steve Forbes: Roberta and Sabina

32. Lou Diamond Phillips: Isabella and Grace

33. P. Diddy Combs: D'Lila Starr and Jessie James

34. Denzel Washington:    Malcolm and Olivia

35. Patrick Dempsey: Boys Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick

36. Melissa Etheridge: Daughter Johnnie Rose & son Miller

37. Al Pacino: Anton and Olivia

38. Dennis Quaid: Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace

Social Security List of Top Twins

According to the social security administration the top twin girl baby names in 2009 included:

1.    Isabella/Sophia
2.    Faith/Hope
3.    Olivia/Sophia
4.    Ella/Emma
5.    Hailey/Hannah
6.    Ava/Emma
7.    Heaven/Nevaeh
8.    Madison/Morgan
9.    Mackenzie/Madison
10.    Ava/Oliva

Check out all 50 top twin names from the Social Security Administration here. 

For twin boys names the top 10 for 2009 include:
1.    Jacob/Joshua
2.    Matthew/Michael
3.    Daniel/David
4.    Jayden/Jordan
5.    Jayden/Jaylen
6.    Elijah/Isaiah
7.    Isaac/Isaiah
8.    Ethan/Even
9.    Logan/Lucas
10.    Logan/Luke

For fraternal twins, the list included:
1.    Madison/Mason
2.    Taylor/Tyler
3.    Addison/Aiden
4.    Emily/Ethan
5.    Emma/Evan
6.    Ella/Ethan
7.    Emma/Ethan
8.    Jayda/Jayden
9.    Jada/Jaden
10.    Aidan/Nadia


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Pictured Splash Photos: Sarah Jessica Parker with twins Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge. 

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