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Celebrity babies born in winter

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Celebrity babies seem to set baby name charts spinning as soon as they make their grand entrance into the world. Looking for a celebrity baby name for your winter bundle of joy's namesake? Here are some of the names of celebrity babies born in winter.

Discover the celebrity baby names of some of the most popular kiddos in Hollywood who share birthdays between December 21st to December 31st:

Lucas Dillon Levin - Lucas is a form of Luke, meaning light; illumination

Malena James Maroulis - The Scandanavian name Malena means "woman of Magdala."

Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John - The Hebrew meaning of Zachary is "remembered by God."

Jordan Catherine Bentley - Typically reserved for boys when spelled this way, the name Jordan means "to flow down."

Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway  - The baby boy name Ever means "strong as a boar," but can also be used as a girl's name.

Dolly Rebecca Rose O'Connell - Diminutive of Dorothy, meaning "gift of God," is an English moniker.

Charlie Tamara Tulip O'Connell - Meaning "tiny and feminine," the name Charlie for a girl was derived from Charlotte.

Looking for a celebrity baby name for your January newborn? Here are some little ones stealing the limelight with January birthdays:

Cash Hudson Evans - The name Cash, which comes from Caspar, meaning "wealthy man," has been gaining popularity in the celeb baby world.

Jude Polaha - Judah, "the praised one," is the name from which Jude originated.

Vida McConaughey - The "dearly loved" name is loved by moms across the globe.

Jackson Robert Grossman - Meaning "son of Jack," this name proves that even celebrity parents aren't immune to the baby name chart toppers.

Seraphina Affleck - Another biblical name, Seraphina means "Fiery-winged."

Zahara Jolie-Pitt - With Arabic roots, the name Zahara is an alternative spelling to the name Zahrah, which means "a flower in bloom."

Harlow Madden - a baby boy names meaning "meadow of the hares," Nicole Richie and Joel Madden decided to give this label to their daughter in true Hollywood fashion.

Max Bratman - The son of singer Christina Aguilera sports the name Max, which is from the name Maxwell, meaning Magnus' spring.

Will your pea in the pod share a birth month with one of these tinsel town tots?

Eden Mahoney - Usually reserved for baby boys, this moniker, meaning "delight," was chosen for one of Marcia Cross' twin daughters.

Savannah Mahoney - Marcia Cross' other twin daughter sports the name Savannah, meaning "From the open plain."

Max Muniz - Twin to Emme, Max's name means Magnus' spring.

Emme Muniz - Love the name Emma, but looking for a less-common alternative? Emme is a spelling variation of the name Emma, meaning "whole."

Violet Nash - Literally means "violet," but is a variant of Viola.

March 1st through March 19th boasts birthdays for these celebrity baby sweetie pies:

Billie Dane - Billie is commonly reserved for bouncing baby boys, but this starlette-in-training sports this moniker that is a nickname for William, meaning "resolute protector."

Shaya Charvet - An Arabic label meaning "followers."

Liam McDermott - Liam is a popular name amongst the celebrity parenting circuit, and means "helmeted."

Nahla Aubry - Meaning "honeybee," this sweet sounding name has Arabic roots.


What is your favorite winter-born celebrity baby name?

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