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Famous February Birthdays

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Was your daughter born on February 2? Then she shares a birthday with Shakira (1977). If your little boy arrived on leap year’s February 29, then he’s in the good company of Jimmy Dorsey.

Here, we’ve selected one famous male and one famous female for every day in February.

Famous people born in January

February 1

·        Lisa Marie Presley (1968): the only child of Elvis Presley
·        Boris Yeltsin (1931): president of Russia, 1990 – 1999

February 2

·        Christie Brinkley (1954): longtime spokesmodel for Cover Girl
·        Graham Nash (1942): sang tenor for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

February 3

·        Isla Fisher (1976): Confessions of a Shopaholic actress
·        Dave Davies (1947): The Kinks guitarist and founder

February 4

·        Ida Lupino (1918): TV and movie actress and director
·        Dan Quayle (1947): Vice President under President George Bush, 1989 – 1993

More famous people born in February

February 5

·        Barbara Hershey (1948): award-winning movie actress with a 50+ year career
·        Cristiano Ronaldo (1985): captain of Portuguese national soccer team

February 6

·        Zsa Zsa Gabor (1917): Hungarian born actress
·        Bob Marley (1945): popular Jamaican reggae singer

February 7

·        Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867): author of Little House on the Prairie
·        Ashton Kutcher (1978): actor and soon-to-be-ex-husband of Demi Moore

February 8

·        Lana Turner (1921): Hollywood “Sweater Girl”
·        James Dean (1931): Rebel Without a Cause star, died tragically young

Famous people born in March

February 9

·        Carmen Miranda (1909): Brazilian actress with the giant fruit hat
·        Roger Mudd (1928): network news anchor and The History Channel reporter

February 10

·        Emma Roberts (1991): actress, niece of Julia Roberts
·        Greg Norman (1955): champion golfer, aka The Great White Shark

February 11

·        Tina Louise (1934): actress best known as Ginger on Gilligan’s Island
·        Sergio Mendez (1941): popular Brazilian bandleader

February 12

·        Christina Ricci (1980): versatile movie actress, played Wednesday Addams
·        Lorne Greene (1915): best known as Ben Cartwright on Bonanza

Famous people born in April

February 13

·        Kim Novak  (1933): 1950s actress starred in Hitchock’s Vertigo
·        Chuck Yeager (1923): American pilot whose plane broke the sound barrier

February 14

·        Florence Henderson (1934): best known as Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch
·        Jimmy Hoffa (1913): leader of Teamsters’ Union who vanished mysteriously

February 15

·        Melissa Manchester (1951): Grammy-winning singer from the 1970s
·        John Barrymore (1882): Shakespearean actor, grandfather of Drew Barrymore (below)

February 16

·        Patty Andrews (1918): member of The Andrew Sisters singing trio
·        John McEnroe (1959): tennis champion, remembered for his volatile temper

Sweet-smelling baby names

February 17

·        Paris Hilton (1981): celebrity granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton
·        Jim Brown (1936): NFL Hall of Fame- turned-actor

February 18

·        Molly Ringwald (1968): 1080s star of Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club
·        Nikos Kazantzakis (1883): author of Zorba the Greek

February 19

·        Victoria Justice (1993): Nickelodeon actress, singer
·        Smokey Robinson (1940): Motown singer, got his start with The Miracles

February 20

·        Gloria Vanderbilt (1924): heiress, blue jeans designer, and mother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper
·        Sidney Poitier (1927): first African-American actor to win an Academy Award

Are boys or girls easier to name?

February 21

·        Erma Bombeck (1927): newspaper columnist specializing in homemaking and humor
·        Alan Rickman (1946): acclaimed actor of Robin Hood, Die Hard and Harry Potter fame

February 22

·        Drew Barrymore (1925): American actress got her start as a child in E.T.
·        Frederic Chopin (1810): Polish pianist and composer

February 23

·        Dakota Fanning (1994): brilliant actress, breakout role in I Am Sam
·        Paul Tibbets (1915): USAF pilot, dropped first atomic bomb on Hiroshima

February 24

·        Kristen Davis (1965): Sex & the City actress
·        Chester W. Nimitz (1885): Admiral of the U.S. fleet throughout WWII

One-syllable baby names for boys and girls

February 25

·        Sally Jessy Raphael (1935): hosted TV talk show for 20 years
·        George Harrison (1943): singer/guitarist for The Beatles

February 26

·        Betty Hutton (1921): starred in Broadway’s Annie Get Your Gun
·        Levi Strauss (1829): inventor of denim pants, made a fortune

February 27

·        Chelsea Clinton (1980): only child of President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton
·        John Steinbeck (1902): Nobel Prize-winning author of The Grapes of Wrath

February 28

·        Bernadette Peters (1948): star of countless Broadway and film musicals
·        Tommy Tune (1939): Tony Award-winning actor, dancer, singer and choreographer

Friendly baby names

February 29

·        Dinah Shore (1916):  TV star, variety show host, singer
·        Jack Lousma (1936): space shuttle commander, Skylab astronaut

Which famous person shares your birthday?

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