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Good names inspired by notorious bad girls

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Ah, the hopes and dreams we have for our baby girls. We give them beautiful names and a solid upbringing in the hopes they'll be healthy, happy and successful. Not all daughters grow up to be good girls, however; but their dirty deeds still don't detract from the loveliness of their names.

Aileen: Aileen Wuornos was the serial killer who inspired the film Monster.

Anne:  Nurse Anne Grigg-Booth, an "Angel of Mercy," took it upon herself to put patients out of their misery. She was charged with three murders, but died of an overdose before going to trial. No one knows just how many patients she killed.

Belle:  The name Belle means "Beauty," but there was nothing beautiful about 6-foot-tall Belle Gunness. Greedy Gunness killed her husbands, children and others simply to collect on their life insurance policies.

Beverley: State nurse Beverley Gail Allitt, the "Angel of Death," was convicted of murdering four children, attempting to murder three other children, and causing grievous bodily harm to six more.

Bonnie:  The name Bonnie Elizabeth Parker doesn't mean much on its own, but as one-half of Bonnie & Clyde, this American outlaw is remembered all too well.

Irma:  The "Beast of Belsen," Irma Ida Ilse Grese, loved torturing her charges at a Nazi concentration camp. At age 22, Grese was executed for her crimes against humanity.

Leslie, Katie, Sandra and Susan:  These five incredibly disturbed and dangerous women will forever be known as the Manson Women.

Lizzie: Did she or didn't she?  Lizzie Borden was acquitted of the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother, but no one really believes that she was innocent.

Mary:  Queen Mary I of England earned the nickname "Bloody Mary" for her brutal persecution of Protestants.

Marylin:  Beautiful "Marylin the Colombian Assassin" had been hired to murder at least 23 people by the time she was 22.

Myra: Myra Hindley, along with Ian Brady, kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered five children. She died in prison.

Sandra:  Drug cartel leader Sandra Ávila Beltrán was also known as "La Reina del Pacífico" (the Queen of the Pacific).

Valerie:  Psychology graduate, prostitute and militant feminist Valerie Solanas detested men so much that she proposed they all be killed… starting with Andy Warhol. She wrote the SCUM Manifesto (e.g., Society for Cutting Up Men).

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