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Names of American Presidents

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Is your baby bound to become a doctor, lawyer, or even president?  While your little one has quite a road ahead of them, and who knows which direction may be right for them, you can do your part in setting up their way to success.  Presidential baby names carry an unavoidable association of respect and importance, and may make it easier for your child to make a good first impression. 

From resumes, to phone conversations to business cards, a name is often the first aspect by which a person is judged.  As much as we would like our personality to speak for who we are, many times people decide who you are based on superficial external factors, in some cases closing doors before one even gets the chance to present oneself.  Giving your baby a name that is associated with power and success may give them a free ticket to pass obstacles in life that could have been avoided.
Notable presidential names include:

James may be the most successful American name in history!  No less than 6 American presidents were named James! James Madison, James Monroe, James Knox Polk, James Buchanan, James Abram Garfield, and James Earl Carter have made the name a White House tradition.

George is a name that holds American history in a sandwich.  Both the first and the current US presidents have proudly carried the name.   The name has associations with British royalty as well.  King George III reigned over Britain in the 18th century, and was the second longest reigning British king.  His granddaughter, Queen Victoria, reigned for nearly 64 years, more than any other British monarch.

John comes in second after James for its history in the White House. John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Tyler, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy prove the name has the presidential kind of distinction. The name has been in the top 20 names in the country since at least 1908.

Dwight David Eisenhower has proven that a strong personality can take an obscure name to the pages of history. Other unique names that have graced the American presidency include Chester (Alan Arthur), Grover (Cleveland), and Woodrow (Wilson).

Ulysses Simpson Grant has made himself a name in history both as a president and as a general in the Civil War.  Ulysses is the Latin form of Odysseus, a legendary Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War. The name may be the epitome of unique and manly.

Names of American presidents have the advantage of conjuring up images of leadership and success.  On the other hand, your child may have the spunk and personality of a trailblazer, and no matter what name you choose, they will take it to where they want to go.  Who knows, they may even make it to the oval office!

Names of American Presidents

   1. George Washington 

 23. Benjamin Harrison 

   2. John Adams 

 24. Grover Cleveland

   3. Thomas Jefferson 

 25. William McKinley

   4. James Madison

 26. Theodore Roosevelt

   5. James Monroe

 27. William Howard Taft

   6. John Quincy Adams

 28. Woodrow Wilson

   7. Andrew Jackson

 29. Warren Gamaliel Harding 

   8. Martin Van Buren 

 30. Calvin Coolidge 

   9. William Henry Harrison 

 31. Herbert Clark Hoover

 10. John Tyler

 32. Franklin Delano Roosevelt 

 11. James Knox Polk

 33. Harry S. Truman 

 12. Zachary Taylor

 34. Dwight David Eisenhower

 13. Millard Fillmore

 35. John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

 14. Franklin Pierce

 36. Lyndon Baines Johnson

 15. James Buchanan

 37. Richard Milhous Nixon

 16. Abraham Lincoln

 38. Gerald Rudolph Ford

 17. Andrew Johnson

 39. James Earl Carter, Jr.

 18. Ulysses Simpson Grant

 40. Ronald Wilson Reagan 

 19. Rutherford Birchard Ford 

 41. George Herbert Walker Bush 

 20. James Abram Garfield 

 42. William Jefferson Clinton

 21. Chester Alan Arthur 

 42. George Walker Bush 

 22. Grover Cleveland 


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