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100 Roller Derby Names

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The fascinating contact sport of roller derby, which has been around in some form or another since the 1930s, today enjoys international popularity and has a wide fan base. Predominantly female, the skaters traditionally skate and perform under aliases which are generally satirical or mock-violent in nature and always extremely creative. Read on for the best roller derby names and how to come up with one on your own!

Rollergirl Roller Derby GirlTo understand how roller derby names are formed, we only have to look at Whip It, a film that debuted this year. This film has put the sport of roller derby prominently in the spotlight, and the names of the characters are great examples of roller derby names -- Smashly Simpson (play on the name of singer Ashlee Simpson), Babe Ruthless (from baseball icon Babe Ruth), Iron Maven (from British metal band Iron Maiden), Rosa Sparks (from civil rights activist Rosa Parks) and Eva Destruction (play on the phrase eve of destruction).

How To Invent A Roller Derby Name

Basically any pun (or play on words) is fair game, including those which make the name even more hardcore, references horror movies, fighting, cool history or brings pop culture creatively into the mix. It's an opportunity to invent an alter ego of sorts and be a totally different person on the track. Generally shorter names are easier to remember, and you also want a name that is easy to pronounce and whose references people will "get."

If you want to seriously pursue skating roller derby style you will need to come up with your own name of course, but here are some of our favorites which are used by real roller derby skaters all over the world! Use these to inspire you and come up with even more ideas on your own.

Top 100 Roller Derby Baby Names

2. AXcess Denied
3. Abby Tude
4. Ace of Skates
5. Acid Reign
6. Ada Zee
7. Adoll Hitter
8. Aff Ro
9. Baby Splice
10. Baditude
11. Balla Fyre
12. Barba Fett
13. BareLeigh Legal
14. Belle E. Dancer
15. Bent Reznor
16. Billie Idle
17. Black Sabbatha
18. Carrie Go Round
19. Charli Horse
20. Cheap Trixie
21. Chick Liddell
22. Dale M. For Murder
23. Dammage Patch Kid
24. Damsel Yankee
25. Darcy Cash
26. Dawny Darko
27. Debbie Downer
28. Effie Bomb
29. Eureeka Havoc
30. Eye Drop Her
31. Faith Kill
32. Ferocia
33. Fire Kracker
34. Flame Throw-Her
35. Flo Shizzle
36. Foxy Balboa
37. Freaken Stein
38. Full Metal Jacque
39. Gabba Gabba Slay
40. Genghis Mom
41. Giggle byte
42. Girlzilla
43. Goin' Postal
44. Goldie Schlager
45. Grumbellina
46. Hadda "Bad" Day
47. Happy Killmore
48. Hard Knox
49. Hardley An Angel
50. Heidi Hipwrecker
51. Helen Killer
52. Hell'n Highwater
53. Hippie Longstalking
54. Hollynator
55. Honey Crueler
56. Hot Brod
57. Hugh Refner
58. Hurts Donut
59. Icy London
60. Ima Cutter
61. Ima Zombie
62. Indy Cent
63. Injure Rogers
64. Iona Harley
65. Iron Butterfly
66. Island Misfits
67. Ivana Soccer
68. Izzy Dead
69. Jacknife Jenny
70. Jazz Matazz
71. Jenny Rotten
72. Jet Lisa
73. Johnny Crash
74. Kandy Barr
75. Karma Electra
76. Kat Von Devious
77. Katie Karnage
78. Kelly Ripya
79. Kick-N-Ash
80. Kila Monster
81. Killah Bees
82. Leada Riot
83. Maiden Hell
84. Marzipain
85. Medusa Damage
86. Nuke-Leah
87. One Hit Wanda
88. Papa Razzi
89. Perfecta Kill
90. Plum Krazy
91. Queen Cobra
92. Rabbit Punch
93. Red Zeppelin
94. Serial Mom
95. Shannibal Lector
96. Thom Foolery
97. Tiger Killy
98. Uncle Slam
99. Whippen Dixie
100. Zombie Stardust

Whether you are picking a roller derby name for fun or serious bone-crushing business, use your imagination, pursue your favorite horror movies and books, browse through your old punk rock CDs, channel your favorite heriones from history and keep your eyes on the news! It can be fun to have a roller derby naming party for yourself and your friends -- or even your kids.

Tell us: What is your favorite roller derby name? Comment below!

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written by Helln Highwater, February 08, 2010
Hell'n Highwater here with Central Coast Roller Derby! Thanks for adding me to the top 100 roller derby names!
written by heather, May 05, 2011
Love my derby name and its a lot of other ppl's fave too Toni Smasheries with the houston roller derby!

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