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103 Beatles Baby Names

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The Beatles, the iconic English rock group, was formed in Liverpool, England in 1960. Though the band broke up in 1970 after a decade, 2 dozen studio albums, 13 EPs, countless singles, and millions of fans worldwide, their legend lives in the hearts of fans everywhre. If you are a Beatles fan, you might be considering a name for your new baby boy or girl that is inspired by the band or their extensive catalog of materials and music. From the name of the band members themselves to names which are a little less obvious (but no less Beatle-like), read on for 103 names inspired by the music and the band members themselves!

The Beatles album coverThe Band

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are probably the most obvious names when it comes to choosing a Beatles name for your child. You can use first names (like John or Paul), last names (like Starr and Harrison), or you could even adapt for your child's sex (Paula instead of Paul, Georgia instead of George). Ringo is the name that is probably the most unique out of the set and has a rock-and-roll sound to it because of the drummer behind the name.

The Songs

Some names clearly come from Beatles' songs. "Hey Jude" comes to mind immediately. This song, written for John Lennon's son Julian, is a widely popular and well-known song. Other names that come from song titles are: Bonnie (from an early song, "My Bonnie," recorded with Tony Sheridan), Georgia (from "Sweet Georgia Brown"), Penny and Lane (from the song "Penny Lane"), Lucy (from "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"), Anna (from "Anna Go to Him"), Michelle (from the song simply called "Michelle"), Eleanor (from "Eleanor Rigby"), Robert (from "Doctor Robert"), Rita (from "Lovely Rita"), Maxwell (from "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"), Martha ("Martha My Dear" is the song this comes from) and Sadie (from "Sexy Sadie"), among quite a few others.

Other names come from within the songs themselves. McKenzie comes from the song "Eleanor Rigby," Jo Jo comes from "Get Back" and Desmond comes from "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,"

Beatles Inspired Names

And still other names have other sources. Apple, for example, is the name of the record company founded by The Beatles in 1968. Other names on our list have similar sources: Klein comes from Allen Klein, a record label executive and manager for the band; Asher comes from Jane Asher, a former fiancee of Paul McCartney and inspiration for several songs; VeeJay was the name of an early United States distributor of Beatles' albums and Stuart comes from Stuart Sutcliffe, the original bassist for the band.

Beatles Baby Names

1. Abbey    
2. Alan    
3. Allen    
4. Anna    
5. Apple    
6. Asher    
7. Barbara    
8. Beatrice    
9. Belle    
10. Billy
11. Blue    
12. Bonnie    
13. Boyd    
14. Brian    
15. Britain    
16. Carol    
17. Charles    
18. Chuck    
19. Cynthia
20. Dakota    
21. Daniel    
22. Dave    
23. Derek    
24. Desmond    
25. Dhani    
26. Doris    
27. Ebony    
28. Eleanor
29. George    
30. Georgia    
31. Harrison    
32. Heather    
33. Henry    
34. Holly    
35. India    
36. Ivory    
37. Jackson
38. James    
39. Jane    
40. Jason    
41. Jet    
42. Joan    
43. John    
44. Johnny    
45. Jo-Jo    
46. Jude    
47. Julia    
48. Julian   
49. Kate    
50. Klein    
51. Lane    
52. Lee    
53. Lennon    
54. Lizzie    
55. London    
56. Louis    
57. Lucille    
58. Lucy  
59. Mae    
60. Maggie    
61. Martha    
62. Martin    
63. Mary    
64. Mary Jane    
65. Matt    
66. Maxwell    
67. McCartney    
68. McKenzie    
69. Michael    
70. Michelle    
71. Millie    
72. Molly    
73. Mona    
74. Nancy
75. Neil    
76. Nina    
77. Pam    
78. Patty    
79. Paul    
80. Penny    
81. Pete    
82. Rain    
83. Ringo    
84. Rita    
85. Robert
86. Rose    
87. Sadie    
88. Sally    
89. Sean    
90. Shea    
91. Sky    
92. Stella    
93. Stuart    
94. Sullivan    
95. Taylor    
96. Teddy    
97. Tony    
98. Valerie    
99. VeeJay    
100. Vera    
101. Walter    
102. Wilson    
103. Zak

What is your favorite Beatles name? Comment below!

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