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50 Elegant Baby Names and Meanings

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Some baby names are short and sweet. Some baby names are long and elaborate. Some baby names are trendy, and some are old fashioned. You can find elegant, sophisticated and beautiful names in all of these categories, and we've collected the best 50 elegant baby boy and girl names -- and their special meanings -- right here!

sleeping baby boyElegant baby names are those that might remind us of the stage and screen, or perhaps families that go back centuries, such as royal names or distnguished lineages. Names of saints are often considered elegant as well, and tend to remain high on parents' name lists as the decades go by without losing their classic sound.

The names we have here will sound grown-up when your child is an adult, so you don't have to fear a name sounding too silly or young when he goes off to college or finds his first "real" job. These names look and sound great on resumes and cover letters as well! At the same time they don't sound too stuffy or "old" when your child is a baby and youngster. Many can also be shortened to give the option of a nickname that your child can use as well.

Have fun (and get inspired!) by our list of the top 50 elegant baby names for boys and girls!

Elegant Baby Girl Names

Alexandra: This is the feminine form of the name Alexander, which is a Greek name meaning "man's defender."

Anastasia: This comes from the Greek word anastasis which means "resurrection." Anastasia is the Russian form of the Greek name Anastasios.

Angelica: This is an elaborate from of the name Angela, which has Latin roots and means "angel."

Ava: This name has an uncertain origin. It may be German or Hebrew. Also, it's the name of a Roman Catholic saint.

Brigitte: This is French version of the name Bridget, which means "exalted one."

Charlotte: Meaning "little and womanly," this name has French origins.

Claire: This lovely name has Latin and French origins, and means "lovely."

Elizabeth: This classic, timeless name means "God's promise" and is Hebrew in origin.

Eloise: An Old German name, this means "famous warrior."

Evianna: This is another version of the name Aviana, which is a compound name made up of Ava and Anna.

Genevieve: This French name is the name of the patron saint of the city of Paris.

Grace: A Latin name meaning "favor or blessing," this name can also be found in Greek mythology. The Three Graces were goddesses of nature.

Imogen: A name with Gaelic roots, this was used by Shakespeare and means "innocent."

Isabella: This is another version of the name Elizabeth, or possibly the Spanish name Isabel.

Juliet: This name means "youthful" and is Latin in origin.

Katherine: This Greek name means "pure" and has a large number of other versions as well -- such as Kate, Kathy, Katerina, Kaye, among many others.

Lauren: This is a plant name and comes from the name of the laurel plant.

Louisa: This is another version of the name Louise and means "famous warrior."

Madeline: Of Hebrew origin, this name means "woman from Magdala." This is another version of the French name Madeleine.

Maria: This is a popular version of the Hebrew name Mary which means "star of the sea."

Olivia: This is another plant/nature name, this time referring to the olive tree. Latin.

Rebecca: Meaning "to bind," this name has Hebrew origins. In the Bible as Rebekah.

Sarah: This lovely classic name means "princess."

Sophia: Of Greek origin, this means "wisdom."

Victoria: This name comes from Latin and means "victory." This name is becoming popular once again.

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Elegant Baby Boy Names

Baldwin: This name has both Old German and Old French roots and means "bold, brave friend."

Benjamin: A name with Hebrew roots, this means "son of my right hand." Easily shortened to Ben.

Charles: Of Old German origin, this name means "free man." A royal name, this has other versions as well: Carl, Carlos, Charlie, Chuck, and many more.

Constantine: This name means  "constant, steadfast" and has Latin roots.

Dylan: A popular Welsh name, this means "son of the seas."

Edward: Another royal name, this means "wealthy guard" and is of Old English origin.

Edmund: Meaning "wealthy protector," this was the name of a king and saint.

Ethan: This Hebrew name means "long lived."

George: The name of the patron saint of England, this name means "farmer."

Gustav: This Scandinavian name means "staff of the gods."

Henry: The name of eight kings of England, this means "home ruler."

Ian: This is the Scottish version of the name John, which means "God is gracious."

Julian: Meaning "Jove's child," this name has Greek roots.

Lawrence: Also spelled Laurence, this Latin name means "from Laurentum."

Laurent: This is another popular version of the name Lawrence.

Nathaniel: A Hebrew name, this means "God has given." Often shortened to Nathan or Nate.

Oliver: Similar to the girl name Olivia, this name means "olive tree."

Richard: This German name means "powerful ruler."

Quentin: Meaning "fifth," this name has Latin origins.

Sebastian: A Greek name, this means "revered."

Simon: This name means "to hear, to be heard" and is of Hebrew origin.

Stuart: This occupational name means "steward."

Vincent: A Latin name, this means "prevailing."

William: Meaning "will helmet, protection" this name has German roots.

Xavier: This name has Spanish, Arabic and Basque roots and means "bright, splendid."

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