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50 Gorgeous global baby names

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Give your baby an exotic name from around the world. We've gathered two popular baby names (one girl, one boy) from 25 countries around the world. Which global moniker will make your short list?


Amid the turmoil in this troubled nation, precious babies arrive with fabulous names like Badria (girl) and Koshan (boy).


Popular names in Austria are Leonie and Lena for girls and Maximilian and Julian for boys.


Be inspired by Belgium and consider a cosmopolitan name like Anique, for a girl, or Hugo, for a boy.


The trends in Brazil are not so different than those in the U.S., but there are a few exceptions. Beatriz, for girls, and Pedro, for boys, are both in the nation's top 10.


Angelina Jolie's first child (Rath Vibol, renamed Maddox Chivan) was adopted from Cambodia, where names like Solyna (for a girl) and Saron (for a boy) are popular.


Sophia and Jacob are just as popular in Canada as they are here at home, but our northern neighbors also list Charlotte and Jackson among their most popular.


This prosperous South American nation

Czech Republic

Would you name your daughter Tereza or your son Marek?


Baby names run the gamut in Ethiopia, but some monikers — like Winta and Amanuel — stand out more than others.


The French love beautiful names like Manon for a girl and Jules for a boy.


Emilia currently holds the No. 3 spot for girls, while Felix comes in at No. 10 for boys.


Would you give your baby a traditional Greek name, like Demetra or Christos?


In India, traditional cultural names hold top rank, such as the baby girl name Pari and the boy name Krishna.


The Iraqi people typically opt for regional names, such as Rukia for a girl and Jahmir for a boy.


Choosing between religious and secular names is a big deal in Israel. Currently, names like Shira (girl) and Noam (boy) are enjoying popularity.


Italian is the considered one of the most beautiful languages, so it's no surprise to encounter gorgeous baby names like Giuseppina and Vincenzo.


Kenyan parents are true to their heritage, opting for names such as Damaris (girl) and Nelson (boy).


In the faraway land of Malaysia, parents are naming their daughters Nor and their sons Haziq.


Beautiful cultural names reign in Mexico and include favorites such as Valentina and Santiago.


The most popular names in the Philippines are very American-sounding and include Samantha for girls and Xander for boys.


The Polish alphabet differs from ours, but names like Kasia (for a girl) and Szymon (for a boy) work for babies born anywhere.


In Russia, many baby girls are named Anastasia, while baby boys are often called Cyril.


Babies in Singapore enjoy the same names ours do, including Aria for girls and Ashton for boys.


Daniela is beloved for girls in Spain, and Alvaro is a popular name for baby boys.


This beautiful nation boasts names such as Elin and Leandro as some of their favorites.  

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