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55 Sporty Baby Names

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What’s your passion? For so many Americans, it’s sports. Diehard fans will do everything for their sport. They paint their bodies, personalize their license plates and tailgate in subzero temperatures for the team. But are these fanatics even willing to name their child after their passion? Absolutely. Get inspiration for your future sports star here. 

Sports names for babies have become increasingly popular. According to Social Security tracking, the name Danica – inspired by race car driver Danica Patrick – moved up nearly 50 places, while JaMarcus – in honor of JaMarcus Russell, the top 2007 NFL draft pick – rose from number 914 to 743 on the boys’ list.

Whether you’re a serious college football fan or an avid golf enthusiast, there’s a multitude of names to consider. Here are 55 sporty baby name suggestions – just to get you started:

Pay tribute to sports icons

Athletes have some of the most memorable, unique names around. And sometimes the surname makes a more impressive statement than the first.

Babe – America’s first female golf celebrity was Babe Didrikson Zaharias.

Barkley – Love him or hate him, Charles was an outstanding basketball player.

Beckham – The last name of soccer stud, David, makes a lasting impression as a first name.

Billie Jean – Your daughter will need a good backhand to live up to Ms. King’s moniker.

Bo – Baseball and football great Bo Jackson wouldn’t mind if you spelled it “Beau.”

Bradshaw – What’s not to like about Terry, the famous Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback?

Crosby – Sidney is one heck of a hockey player for the Penguins.

Deion – Will your son be as flashy and flamboyant as Mr. Sanders?

Dempsey – Try this if the name Jack is too tame for your little boxer.

Gordon – Some NASCAR enthusiasts may find the name Jeff too bland.

Hawk – Young generations recognize this tribute to skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Jeter – Two-time Gold Glove winner Derek’s surname makes a great first name.

Jordan – Just in case your little “Michael” turns out to be a girl.

Mia – Ms. Hamm was the most prolific scorer in international soccer history.

Mikhail – The amazing Baryshnikov is the best-known ballet dancer of our time.

Misty – Ms. May-Treanor changed the face of sand volleyball.

Peyton – Historically a girl’s name, more and more boys are called Peyton in Mr. Manning’s stomping grounds of Indiana, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Sterling – Add Sharpe for a middle name, if you dare.

Venus – In honor of the Williams tennis sibs, your next daughter can be Serena.


Take one for the team

 True fans know that it’s impossible to pay too great a tribute to their favorite team.

Blue – True St. Louis hockey fans would find this name appropriate for a boy or a girl.

Falcon – This label works for Atlanta and Air Force football fans alike.

Dodger – Your kid doesn’t have to play baseball in LA to pull off this cool name.

Duke – This is just right for North Carolina basketball fans.

Knick – New Yorkers will know what you mean by this clever spelling.

Maverick – This name acknowledges both NBA players and rodeo stars in Dallas.

Nittany – Penn State alumni totally get why this works.


Celebrate the sport itself

 From football to ballet, the terminology of each sport is like its own language.

Ace – whether your sport is tennis or poker

Archer – a modern-day Robin Hood

Blade – a future fencing Olympian

Blitz – get out of this guy’s way

Camber – car lovers know that this is the angle of the wheels

Carry – a unique spelling for girls who love football

Catcher – a clever baseball label

Chassis – your daughter will need a fast car to keep up with this name

Chess – for a boy, Chessa for a girl

Demi – refers to classical ballet, not Demi Moore’s Striptease

Hunter – no gun needed for this masculine moniker

Jock – perfect if you’re passionate about all sports

Polo – a first-class, almost princely name

Racer – doesn’t matter if you like running, cycling or driving

Skeet – for those of you who enjoy shooting clay pigeons

Spike – volleyball enthusiasts will love it

Tennis – this girl’s name is sure to score points


A tribute to Olympians

 Their names are as famous as their accomplishments.

Andre – Agassi’s hairstyles were as famous as his tennis moves.

Cassius – Mr. Clay was better known as Muhammad Ali.

Grant – Grant Hackett was the best distance swimmer in history.

Heiden – Eric Heiden won numerous medals in speed skating.

Jean-Claude – French skier Killy won three gold medals in 1968.

Nadia – Young Nadia Comaneci was the first to receive a perfect 10 in gymnastics.

Sonya – Ms. Henie won three gold medals in figure skating.

Zeus – This god was the ruler of Mount Olympus.


Follow the sports hype

 Athletic apparel, shoes and accessories have names as cool as the athletes who wear them.

Champion – how could he be anything but?

Nike – guaranteed to start a trend

Spalding – tennis, anyone?

Wilson – your son’s volleyballs will all be personalized

Naming your baby after your favorite team, athlete or sport may seem like a fabulous idea today, but consider the long term consequences. Your son, Reggie, may end up hating the Yankees.

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