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African American Baby Girl Names and Boy Names

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February is black history month, so what better time to explore some of today's more popular African-American baby girl names and African boy names? The early history of African-American names showed names that were popular were short and simple, rather than the rich culture and history that the people brought with them from their homeland. After the end of the Civil War,  African Americans chose longer, more elegant names and began to elaborate on and elongate names that were common at the time, adding syllables and coining new names that were unique and special.


African American Boy Names

Cleavon: This is a modern coinage, and can also be spelled Clevon, Kleavon and Klevon

Da'Ron: Possible variation of Darren

Dominic: Derived from the Latin Dominicus (belonging to a lord)

Jalen: Modern coinage possibly based on the name Galen (calm, serene)

Jashon: This name is possibly based on the name Jason (healer)

Jevin: Modern coinage possibly based on the name Devin (a poet)

Kadin: Variation of the name Kaden

Keenan: Anglicized form of the Irish name Cianán

Ki-Jana: This coinage features the element jana, which is a form of the name John

LaMonte: Derived from the Spanish name Monte

La Vonn: Modern coinage featuring the variant of the Irish name Vaughn

Rondré: This is a modern coinage of the names Ron and André. Other ways to spell it are: Rondre, Ron Dre, Ron Dré

Tavares: This was a Spanish surname which means "descendant of the retired man"

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African American Girl Names

Chanda: Modern coinage making use of the popular element chan-. Can also be spelled Chandah.

Chazmin: This name was probably influenced by the name Jasimne.

Darlonna: Modern coinage of the names Darlene and Donna.

Eartha: Derived from the name of our planet, and made popular by singer and actress Eartha Kitt.

K'Sea: A fanciful and beautiful way to spell Casey.

La Dell: Modern coinage used in a way to create a feminine form of Dell.

Lavita: This coinage uses the Latin word vita, which means life.

Libya: This is the name of a North African country, and makes a lovely name.

Nichele: This name is based on the name Michelle, and can also be spelled Na Chelle and Nichelle.

Ronna: Feminine form of Ron

Satoria: This coinage is probably based on the name Victoria.

Shan: Anglicized form of the Welsh version of Jane, which means God is gracious

Vianna: Possibly a shortened version of a saint's name (Viviana)

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When you choose an African American name for your child, you are selecting a name that has a lot of creativity and history behind its creation -- you also may be inspired to use these names as a jumping-off point for creating your own unique name for your child. Feel free to go with the flow, stay simple or get fancy -- and have fun while doing it.

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written by Ardenn Sheeva, February 11, 2009
i really really like that name! and i was surprised, since normally i like old boy names that today are considered, like, "celebrity-wannabe". like rockett. lol it's pronounced row-ket.

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