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American Hustle-inspired baby names from the 1970s

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American Hustle, a fabulously entertaining mix of comedy and drama, draws its inspiration from the FBI ABSCAM operation of the late 1970s. The movie premiered in December 2013 and brought back to life the spectacular fashions, hairdos and lifestyle of that unforgettable era. And we couldn't help but wonder... what baby names were in fashion during the 1970s?

American Hustle cast and characters

Many of the American Hustle characters were fictional renderings of their real-life counterparts. Check out our list of the movie character, the actor who played the role and, if applicable, the real-person equivalent.

  • Irving Rosenfeld (played by Christian Bale) was based on Melvin Weinberg
  • Richie DiMaso (played by Bradley Cooper) was based on FBI Agent Anthony Amoroso, Jr.
  • Sydney Prosser (played by Amy Adams) was based on Evelyn Knight
  • Carmine Polito (played by Jeremy Renner) was based on Camden mayor Angelo Errichetti
  • Rosalyn Rosenfeld (played by Jennifer Lawrence) was based on Cynthia Marie Weinberg
  • Victor Tellegio (played by Robert De Niro) was based on mobster Vincent Alo

Most popular baby girl names of the 1970s

Baby names for girls in the 1970s are significantly different than the most popular girl names of the 2000s. The number next to each of these '70s favorites indicates where the names ranks on the most current top baby names list. Only one name, Elizabeth, remains in the top 25 today.

  1. Jennifer (#163)
  2. Amy (#144)
  3. Melissa (#177)
  4. Michelle (#162)
  5. Kimberly (#88)
  6. Lisa (#710)
  7. Angela (#193)
  8. Heather (#814)
  9. Stephanie (#168)
  10. Nicole (#114)
  11. Jessica (#138)
  12. Elizabeth (#10)
  13. Rebecca (#157)
  14. Kelly (#354)
  15. Mary (#123)
  16. Christina (#284)
  17. Amanda (#265)
  18. Julie (#385)
  19. Sarah (#43)
  20. Laura (#280)
  21. Shannon (#816)
  22. Christine (#652)
  23. Tammy (unranked)
  24. Tracy (unranked)
  25. Karen (#353) 

Most popular baby boy names of the 1970s

Some of today's most popular boy names weren't even around in the '70s but, unlike the girl names, many of the classics have held their own quite well. Again, the number listed next to each name indicates its current rank on the Top 1,000 Baby Names chart. Nearly half of them remain in the top 25 today.

  1. Michael (#8)
  2. Christopher (#23)
  3. Jason (#76)
  4. David (#19)
  5. James (#14)
  6. John (#28)
  7. Robert (#61)
  8. Brian (#139)
  9. William (#5)
  10. Matthew (#12)
  11. Joseph (#20)
  12. Daniel (#11)
  13. Kevin (#67)
  14. Eric (#107)
  15. Jeffrey (#238)
  16. Richard (#124)
  17. Scott (#386)
  18. Mark (#176)
  19. Steven (#112)
  20. Thomas (#63)
  21. Timothy (#120)
  22. Anthony (#15)
  23. Charles (#62)
  24. Joshua (#17)
  25. Ryan (#26) 

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