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Archaeology baby names

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Do you enjoy learning about ancient cultures? Excavation and discovery? These baby names inspired by archaeology may be just what you’re hoping for.

Studying human activity from the past is so intriguing. Even if you don’t venture out into the field yourself, studying what others find can be fascinating. It’s thought provoking to see how people lived in the past and examining the remnants of ancient cultures gives us clues that open our eyes to the whole of human experience.

The quest for learning the past isn’t a new concept — archaeology has been around, in some form or another, for centuries as it grew out of an older multidisciplinary study called antiquarianism. In ancient China (around 1000), scholars studied ancient (to them) artifacts to find out more about those that came before. The discipline evolved over the years and with major discoveries in areas such as Pompeii and Egypt, interest remains high.

If you’re interested in archaeology or have harbored a love of ancient cultures since childhood, it makes sense that this subject might influence your baby name choices. These names come from those who have studied ancient humans and we think they would make an excellent baby name for your boy or girl.

Archaeology baby names for boys

Aren: Aren Maeir
Athanasius: Athanasius Kircher
August: August Mau
Carter: Howard Carter
Churchill: Churchill Babington
Clive: Clive Cussler
Colin: Colin Renfrew
Ellis: Sir Ellis Minns
Emil: Emil Haury
Gaston: Gaston Maspero
Glynn: Glynn Isaac
Ian: Ian Graham
Jotham: Jotham Johnson
Jules: Jules Étienne Joseph Quicherat
Louis: Louis Leakey
Malcolm: Malcolm Rogers
Otto: Otto Jahn
Prosper: Prosper Mérimée
Rhys: Rhys Maengwyn Jones
Simon: Simon Rutar
Warren: Warren Moorehead

Archaeology baby names for girls

Alice: Alice Kober
Alison: Alison Wylie
Betty: Betty Meggers
Carenza: Carenza Lewis
Carmel: Carmel Schrire
Cynthia: Cynthia Irwin-Williams
Diane: Diane Zaino Chase
Hester: Lady Hester Stanhope
Honor: Honor Frost
Joan: Joan du Plat Taylor
Katherine: Katherine Routledge
Kathleen: Dame Kathleen Kenyon
Linda: Linda Braidwood
Mary: Mary Leakey
Maud: Maud Cunnington
Natalia: Natalia Polosmak
Patty: Patty Jo Watson
Ruth: Ruth Amiran
Sarah: Sarah Milledge Nelson
Susan: Susan Alcock
Tessa: Tessa Wheeler

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