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Atom vs. Adam and other fun baby name spins

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Noun baby names are popular these days. Parents take a "thing" and convert it to a name by modifying the spelling. (Think Cadence/Kaydance or Sky/Skye.) We thought it might be fun to look at this trend in reverse: Why not take a great name and alter the spelling to turn it back into a noun (or verb or adjective)? 

Abby: Abbey, a monastery or convent

Adam: Atom, the smallest irreducible particle of a substance

Allie: Alley, a narrow passageway between buildings

Aria: Area, a section or region (as in land)

Axel: Axle, a wheel shaft

Blaise: Blaze, a brightly burning fire

Bree: Brie, soft cheese named after the French region from which it originated

Brooke: Brook, a small natural stream

Carrie: Carry, to bear in one's hands while transporting

Cole: Coal, a fossil fuel comprised mainly of carbon

Cort: Court, to woo or gain the affection of another

Cruz: Cruise, to travel about in an unhurried way

Doc: Dock, a landing pier for ships

Ernest: Earnest, expressing deep sincerity

Finn: Fin, a part of the body of a fish

Forrest: Forest, a dense growth of trees and other plants over a large area

Gabbie: Gabby, tending to talk too much

Gage: Gauge, a standard of measurement

Gail: Gale, a strong wind

Gaye: Gay, merry and lighthearted

Glenn: Glen, a valley

Graham: Gram, a metric unit of mass and weight

Hart: Heart, the main organ of the circulatory system

Jax: Jacks, a child's playground game

Jett: Jet, a deep black

Jim: Gym, a gymnasium

Joyce: Joist, a horizontal beam set wall-to-wall to support a floor or ceiling

Juan: Won, past tense of win

Juelz: Jewels, precious stones or gems

Kandy: Candy, sweet, sugary treats

Knox: Knocks, hard strikes or blows

Lacey: Lacy, of or resembling lace

Leif: Leaf, the flat stemmed portion of a plant that controls photosynthesis and transpiration

Lilly: Lily, trumpet-shaped flowers of various colors

Lucy: Loosey, not tightly fashioned (and a storybook character — Goosey Loosey)

Mae: May, the fifth month

Mary: Merry, happy

Myles: Miles, units of length equal to 5,280 feet

Nash: Gnash, to bite by grinding the teeth

Noel: Knoll, a small rounded hill

Otto: Auto, a prefix meaning "self" or "same"

Paige: Page, one side of the leaf of a book

Paisleigh: Paisley, a colorful pattern of abstract, curved shapes

Payne: Pane, a sheet of glass in a window

Pearce: Pierce, to make or bore a hole or opening

Phil: Fill, to put into as much as can be held

Raine: Rain, water that falls from the sky

Reed/Reid: Read, to look at and understand written word

Rex: Wrecks, collisions

Ryder: Rider, one who rides

Stori: Story, a fictitious tale

Taylor: Tailor, a maker of clothes

Wayne: Wane, to decrease significantly 

Ward: Word, something that is said

Wynne: Win, a victory

Wynter: Winter, the season

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