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August themed baby names

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When it comes to holidays, August doesn't have a lot to offer. It brings heat, humidity and not much in the way of baby name inspiration — or does it? We took a closer look and rounded up several names perfect for an August baby boy or girl.

Baby names with August roots

Several names come to us from the roots August and Leo, the zodiac sign that runs until August 22. Some folks might think these names are a bit too themed for a child born in August, but others find it odd to meet a child named August who was born in May. If you find yourself on the fence, these names fit into the middle name slot perfectly.

Baby names inspired by famous lefties

August 13 is National Lefthanders' Day. Will your baby be one of the ten percent celebrating?

Baby names inspired by prominent virologists

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. Why not choose a baby name that pays homage to one of these incredible vaccine pioneers and immunologists?

Back-to-school baby names inspired by famous educators

As summer winds down and Labor Day draws nearer, August begins to mean one thing: back-to-school shopping. While you likely won't have this on your radar for a few years yet, consider as you name your baby the many influential teachers of the past.

  • Anne Sullivan: teacher to Helen Keller
  • Booker T. Washington: African-American education pioneer
  • Charlotte Mason: pioneer in the field of home education
  • Elizabeth Blackwell: opened the first teaching hospital for women
  • Emma Willard: founded the first institute of higher learning for women in the U.S. in 1814
  • Hallie Quinn Brown: pushed for women to compete in higher education in the 1880s
  • Jaime Escalante: math teacher who inspired the 1988 film Stand and Deliver
  • John Dewey: education reformer who pioneered social reform in schools
  • Margaret Bancroft: laid the foundation for modern-day special education
  • Maria Montessori: developer of the Montessori method of education

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