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Baby Boy Names with Unique Spellings

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One way you can make your baby boy's name unique is by changing the spelling. In the past several years, there have been a large number of boy names that have become unisex – monikers like Mason, Carter, Taylor, Jordan, Hunter and so on are showing up time and again as names for both boys and girls. It’s not surprising that parents are in search of unforgettable new ways to name their sons. The last thing they want is for their little boy to be confused with his female classmate!

baby boy in diaperBut instead of looking far beyond the top 10 lists, or even the top 100 baby names, and selecting something classic or forgotten, many people are instead opting to pick a popular name and then play with spelling.

While altering the consonants and vowels that compose a boy’s name is definitely one way to separate them from their peers, it’s always wise to be careful when shifting a name drastically from its common spelling. The name will inevitably be misspelled and, especially, mispronounced. If you can live with that reality, if the look of the name matters more to you than how it sounds, then some spelling tricks might be just the solution you need.

Tips On Changing the Spelling

There are a few trendy habits that parents are adopting when shifting the spelling of their son’s name from something traditional to something more modern. For instance, some parents are:

• Substituting “k” for “c” or “k” for an “x” or vice versa.
• Changing “i” to “y.”
• Particularly in the last syllable of the name, substituting “a” for “e” or “i” for “e.”
• Eliminating the silent “h” that follows a “c” or “k.”
• Doubling up on consonants like “d” or “r” for a strong, masculine sound.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be innovative when naming your child. You want your strapping young lad to be unique and not just feel like they’re only one of a thousand Jasons or Alexs. A one-of-a-kind spelling is definitely one way to combat the potential for confusion when two or more children in a classroom share the same name.

One change to beware of is potentially making your son’s name too feminine. Putting “y” in the wrong place or substituting an “ei” or “eigh” for just an “e” can have your son fighting off some unfortunate schoolyard teasing rather than just incorrect pronunciations.

Check out the top 100 boy baby names from the Social Security Administration and then, using the tips above, make it all your own!

Unique Spellings for Boys Names

Are you traditional or alternative? The below list of boy names includes a variety of alternate spellings that fit both sensibilities.

Aiden – Aidan, Aydan, Aden, Adin, Ayden, Aydin
Alexander – Alexandr, Aleksander, Alexzander, Alecxander, Alecsander, Alycxander
Austin – Austen, Austyn, Auston, Osten
Carson – Carsen, Carsyn, Karson, Karsen, Karsyn
Christopher – Cristopher, Cristofer, Kristofer, Khristopher, Kristopher
Connor – Coner, Conor, Connar, Konner
Damian – Damien, Daemian, Daemien, Damean, Daymian
Devon – Devin, Devan, Devyn, Deven, Deaven
Dylan – Dylin, Dillon, Dillan, Dilan
Eric – Erik, Eriq, Erick, Erric, Eryc, Eryk, Erique, Errick
Gavin – Gaven, Gavyn, Gavvin, Gavven
Jaden – Jadon, Jadin, Jayden, Jaydon, Jadyn, Jaidon
Jason – Jaceson, Jayson, Jaysen, Jacon
Jonathan – Johnathan, Johnathon, Jonathan, Jonathon, Jonothan
Lucas – Lukas, Lucaas, Lukaas, Lucus, Loucas, Loukas
Nicholas – Nickolas, Nikolas, Nicolas, Nikkolas, Nikholas
Sean – Shawn, Sian, Shaun
Thomas – Tomas, Thommas, Tommas
Zachary – Zachery, Zacharie, Zaccary, Zacary, Zaccari, Zachry, Zacharey, Zakary, Zakari

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Are you stuck on finding the perfect baby name? Check out the BabyHold message boards to get advice and give advice on baby names, parenting and more!

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written by JoAnna, December 07, 2009
Im 5 months pregnant and im white and my boyfriend is black and we can nooot decide on a name!! If its a girl he likes Tre'vion Xavier or Xavier Lee but im not really deciding on either of those and for a girl i LOVE Kaedyn Paige!! idk wat to do tho!

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