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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Baby Name

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Whether you’re expecting your first child and excited to take the baby name journey or welcoming another to your growing family and looking for fresh inspiration, you’ve found the site that has it all. Discover just the right name for your little one through the many categories we offer, from diverse to simple, ethnic to trendy. Lists of names by origin and definition, explanations about naming trends and suggestions about how to choose the right name for your child – it’s all here.

Our baby name guide will help you narrow down your search in finding the perfect name for your baby boy or baby girl.

Celebrity Baby Names

Celebs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their baby naming tendencies. Get in the know with 50 Celebrity Baby Names in the Spotlight, from Apple to Zuma. Nothing says superstar like wearing the hottest designs from the runway, so consider stealing a Fashionable Baby Name from the catwalk (Dior to Vera). Politicians, celebrities and some of their own offspring (Presidential little ladies Malia and Sasha) are featured in the article Powerful Baby Names – a great place to search for baby boy and girl names that will make a lasting impression. And finally, if you’re a fan of the “stories,” then Soap Opera Baby Names may be just the place for you to find that unforgettable name (like Ridge, Drucilla or Alistair) for your little one.


Popular and Trendy Baby Names

It’s important to know what baby names are topping the lists, whether you want to select your child’s name from that category or stay far away from any names that are becoming too common. Take a look at Popular Baby Name Trends for 2009 to find out what’s on the rise. Go one step further and check out Top American Baby Names, a compilation of actors and athletes who are inspiring new naming trends (from Angelina to Tiger). The article also offers details about names that are holding strong in the Social Security Administration’s list of records (Emily and Jacob, anyone?). For links to even more articles about baby naming trends worldwide, dig into Popular Baby Names.

Exotic Baby Names

One of the hottest new trends is to borrow a baby name from another culture, or honor your own heritage and resurrect a unique name from another generation. Get started with Exotic Baby Names. From there, you can find inspiration in a myriad of cultures: Asian (Bao to Zi), Danish (Aage to Saskia), Dutch (Adriana to Ruben), English/Old English (Jack to Lucy and Aldercy to Thorne), French (Édouard to Josette), Gaelic (Aibhlin to Rourke), German (Alina to Wilhelm), Greek (Athena to Xander), Icelandic/Nordic (Björn to Svana), Indian (Amita to Vivek), Irish (Aliel to Teagan), Muslim (Aaminah to Zaeem), Portuguese (Adão to Pia), Scottish (Aeneas to Torra) and Russian (Anastasiya to Viktor).

Creative Baby Names

If you’re a parent who would prefer to indulge your unconventional side, consider Create Your Own Baby Name and get tips about alternate spellings and the “rules” on gender-specific names in Unisex Baby Names. For even more details about getting fancy with the alphabet, take a look at Unique Spelling: The New Twist on Baby Names. Sometimes a unique name is as simple as changing one letter (Ryan to Rhian, or Philip to Phylip). Spend some time considering Baby Names That Fit Your Personal Style or trends that have made their mark on pop culture (including vampires, colors, NASCAR and other sports).

Baby Names for Multiples

It can be tough to settle on just one name for your child, but when you’re expecting twins or more, you’ve got options to indulge in two of your favorite name choices. Whether you need Baby Names for Twin Boys or Twin Girl Baby Name Ideas, we have them both. There’s even an article on Fraternal Twin Baby Name Ideas. Determine whether you want your kids’ names to match or be uniquely individual yet harmonious as a pair (or trio or quartet…).

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written by Kim Grundy, June 24, 2009
This baby name guide is a huge help in helping to narrow down the name search. What do you guys think of the name Alistair for a boy?
written by Cindy AZ, July 09, 2009
OK, I am sending this baby name article to all my friends! Great starting point to help you find the perfect name!

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