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Baby Names Meaning Love or Romance

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There is no greater love than a parent's love for their child.  Parents waiting for their little sweetheart to make his or her entrance into the world may be looking for a baby name meaning love or romance. Whether you are naming your child with a lovely moniker that honors Cupid’s big day, or just like the idea of letting everyone know how much your child is loved, check out some of these names that represent the L-word.

baby with heart of rosesBaby Names Filled with “Love”

With names of well-known celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Courtney Love (who’s birth name is actually Love Michelle Harrison), it would not be far fetched to give your bundle of joy the name Love as a first or middle name.

If you are keen to label your kiddo something a little less literal, but still linked to love, try utilizing some of these names with the meaning of love:

Baby Girl Names Meaning Love

Adora (Latin name meaning “beloved one”), Ai (Japanese name for “love”), Amada (Spanish name meaning “beloved one”), Amora (Spanish name for “love”), Amy (meaning “beloved” in Latin), Cer (Welsh name meaning “love”), Cherish (American name for “care for, honor, love”), Darla/Darlene (English for “dear, loved one”), Davina (English name meaning “beloved”), Juji (African name which means “heap of love”), Kalila (name meaning “heap of love” in Arabic), Kayla (American for “pure and beloved”), Milena (Russian name for “people’s love”), Neha (name from India meaning “love, affection”), Sherlyn (American name for “beloved, beautiful”), Shirina (American for “love song”), Suki (Japanese name for “beloved”), Venus (Greek “goddess of love”), or Yaretzi (Aztec name meaning “you will always be loved”).

Baby Boy Names Meaning Love

Amando (Italian name meaning “worthy of love”), Amore (Spanish for “love”), Carwyn (Welsh name meaning “fair love”), David (“beloved” name in Hebrew), Davion (American name also meaning “beloved”), Dewey (Welsh name meaning “beloved”), Fenmore (English originated name “fair love”), Filbert (English name for “love bright”), Keefe (Irish name meaning “handsome, beloved”), or Prem (Indian name meaning “love, affection”).

Romantic Baby Names

From names linked to the most romantic people in history to names that just conjure up visions of hearts and flowers (like Valentine, of English origin, meaning “strength, health”), giving your sweet pea a name connected to these warm fuzzy feelings can be easy with options like these:

Juliette (French name meaning “form of Juliet”), Valentina (Latin name meaning “strength, health”), Rose (English for the romantic flower), Violet (French name for the “blue/purple flower”), Lily (English name for “lily flower”), or Belle (meaning “beauty” in French).

Romeo (Italian name meaning “from Rome”), Valentino (also of Italian origin meaning “strength, health”), Amor (Spanish name meaning “love”), Beau (French for “handsome, sweetheart”), or Thaddeus (Aramaic name meaning “heart”).

Even when your heart is in the right place, names that are less common such as Cupid (Roman God of love) or Lovella (English name meaning “profound affection”), may be best placed close to your heart…and in the middle of your offspring’s name trio. Making the most of his or her middle name real estate will still tip a hat to love without risking teasing and ridicule on the playground. If you’re unsure of the laughter-factor of the name you have in mind, it may be best kept off the birth certificate and reserved for a nickname you can call your little darling. Either way, your little angel will know he or she is loved!

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