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Baby Names for Twin Boys

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Finding just the right name for one baby is difficult enough, but now you need two names – for two boys who look exactly alike! Some parents will immediately help their sons establish unique, independent identities with names that are completely individual and unrelated. Others, however, will have fun with this special situation and give the boys names that will bond them beyond their twin-ship. Let us help you find the perfect baby name for your twin boys.

Twin boysMatch the First Letter

Finding two names beginning with the same first letter is one of the more common ways to name your matched set. This logic enables you to pick names that are trendy or traditional – or one of each!

Aidan, Andrew
Baker, Bryan
Brandon, Braden
Caden, Caleb
Christian, Connor
Daniel, David
Ethan, Evan
Gabriel, Gavin
Isaac, Ian
Jacob, Jasper
Jaden, Jordan
James, John
Jordan, Justin
Joseph, Joshua
Landon, Logan
Levi, Lucas
Matthew, Maxwell
Marcus, Michael
Nathaniel, Nicholas
Oliver, Owen
Parker, Patrick
Remus, Romulus
Samuel, Seth
Tanner, Tyler

Famous Sports Duos

If you expect great things from your little athletes, why not name them after exceptional pairs in baseball, basketball or football? Use first names, last names, or a combination!

Bill (Russell) & Bob (Cousy)
Deacon (Jones) & Merlin (Olsen)
Don (Drysdale) & Sandy (Koufax)
Franco (Harris) & Rocky (Bleier)
Joe (Montana) & Jerry (Rice)
Michael & Scottie, or Jordan & Pippen
Peyton (Manning) & Marvin (Harrison)
Ronde & Tiki (Barber)
Shaquille & Kobe, or Neal & Bryant

Famous Musical Duo

 Perhaps your sons will create beautiful music together. Billboard charts offer a wealth of talented pairs to inspire you.

Ashford & Simpson
Benji & Joel (Madden)
Darryl (Hall) & John (Oats)
Gunnar & Matthew (Nelson)
Jan & Dean
Mick (Jagger) & Keith (Richards) 
John (Lennon) & Paul (McCartney)
Lamb & Lynx (Gaede)
Paul (Simon) & Art (Garfunkle)
Robin & Maurice (Gibb)

Famous TV/movie/literary duos

Everyone has a favorite fictional characters. From TV Land to the Disney Channel, here are some of the best-known twosomes:

Bo & Luke (The Dukes of Hazzard)
George & Fred (The Harry Potter movies)
Frank & Joe (The Hardy Boys)
Frasier & Niles (Fraiser)
Fred & Barney (The Flintstones)
Frodo & Samwise (The Lord of the Rings)
Jerry & Dean, or Lewis & Martin
Joel & Ethan Coen
John Boy & Jim Bob (The Waltons)
Kirk & Spock (Star Trek)
Oscar & Felix (The Odd Couple)
Ralph & Ed (The Honeymooners)
Ricky & Fred (I Love Lucy)
Sherlock (Holmes) & (Dr.) Watson
Starsky & Hutch
Zack & Cody (The Suite Life of Zack & Cody)

Historical Duos

Pay tribute to America with famous pairs from American history archives.

Abraham & Ulysses, or Lincoln & Grant
Benjamin (Franklin) & Paul (Revere)
Booker (T. Washington) & Theodore (Roosevelt)
George (Washington) & John Paul (Jones)
(Thurgood) Marshall & Martin (Luther King, Jr.)
Lewis & Clark
Robert (E. Lee) & (Stonewall) Jackson
Samuel (Adams) & Patrick (Henry)

Family names

To keep the name in the family, consider taking your grandfather’s name for one son and the name of your partner’s grandfather for the other. The same logic applies for brothers, cousins and even dear friends. If there is someone particularly special to your boys, you could give his first name to one twin and his surname to the other. 

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written by Karen, April 01, 2009
I hope you are working on a Baby Names for Twin Girls article and a Baby Names for Boy and Girl Twins article. I loved your combinations.

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