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Baby boy names no one is using

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It seems everyone loves baby boy names Noah and Jacob — they're everywhere! If you want that top ten sound but don't want your boy doomed to using his last initial all throughout school, take a look at some of these fresh baby boy names no one is using.

We went below the top 1000, then down some more, and we love what we found. Our one requirement? Fewer than 100 births last year. Do you think these surprisingly unpopular monikers could be contenders?

  • Abbott: A perfect name for your future comedian. Just 52 families chose this one.
  • Baxter: Everyone wants a Max or a Jax these days, so why not a little Bax? Only 70 baby boys lucked out to get this name last year.
  • Caspian: Evoke the magical scenes of Narnia with this darling baby boy name. Try out diminutives Cas and Ian. This name may gain traction, with 83 births in 2013.
  • Conall: Think of it as Conor's tougher brother. This Celtic name means "strong in battle." Can it fight its way up the chart with only 27 families in on the secret?
  • Edmond: Your boy could do worse than being named for the Count of Monte Cristo, one of the most dashing and determined men in all of literature. A whopping 76 boys will be eliciting swoons in no time.
  • Montgomery: This name packs in all the trends: surname, place name, long name with nickname options. Last year 82 parents caught on to the appeal of Monty.
  • Oswald: Nicknamed Oz. Case closed. Nineteen families agree.
  • Pascal: For some reason, this delightful French name hasn't caught on. Only 24 were born in 2013.
  • Prescott: Scott stands on its own as a simple, strong boy name. Prescott dials it up a notch, giving the preppy feel of Preston without all the popularity. We expect more than 2013's 21 to make this choice next year.
  • Sylvester: If you can put the animated cat out of your mind, imagine what a pleasant surprise it would be to hear this one called across the playground. It likely stays out of the top 1000 for lack of nicknames, but 75 parents didn't let that stop them.
  • Wendell: Pay homage to Oliver Wendell Holmes — junior or senior — with this no-nonsense baby boy name. We hope some of the 68 families who chose it call their boys Dell — it's the sweetest.
  • Zephyr: Surprisingly, this name stands as the most popular on our shortlist. It barely made the cut, with 90 births last year.

Looking for more ideas? We also adore Ames (37), Angus (82), Newton (24), Orson (42), and Watson (61). 

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