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Baby boy names with the most nicknames

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Will that name you are choosing for your baby boy grow with him into manhood? Does that professional name you have picked out for his future suit him on the playground? Get the best of both worlds by choosing a baby boy name with lots of nicknames.

In the UK, many parents choose diminutives as given names. Calling their sons Freddie and Ricky right off the bat gives them instant familiarity with people they meet. As they grow, they either stick with the given diminutive or use a shortened, more grown up, form. If you prefer a longer, more elegant name on the birth certificate, you aren't alone. This tends to be more popular in America. You can find hundreds of baby boy names with one or two diminutives, but how many have lots of options? Pickings were slim, but we came up with the following.


Alexander, with a meager ten, has the most nicknames we could squeeze from any one boy name. (Margaret for girls has twice that. Unfair.) In Greek it means "defender of men." You couldn't ask for a stronger name for your baby boy to grow into.


Alfred itself sounds a bit old fashioned, but nicknames Alfie and Red give it a quirky, modern feel. Tuck this one in the middle-name slot if it feels too grandpa — after all, your little man probably has an Alfred hidden somewhere in the family tree.


Both William and Liam sit in the top ten most popular baby names for boys. We love the magical sound of Wim — it brings to mind a whimsical and adventurous child.

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There are only a few baby boy names with a lot of nicknames, but fortunately there are a lot of baby boy names with three to five. Typically nicknames come from the first half of the name, but we love the surprising sound of pulling one from somewhere in the middle or end. Don't skim through the full names too quickly — they may sound dated, but the right nickname choice can bring them into the 21st century.

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