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Baby girl names inspired by classical composers

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When you think of classical composers, what names come to mind? Likely boy, boy and more boy. So what to do if you love classical music and are expecting a baby girl? Don't worry, you won't have to resort to Ludwiga or She-Wolfgang. We pored over 12 centuries of classical composers to bring you a musical pile of names that is all girl.

Baby girl names inspired by Medieval composers

  • Aleyn: 15th century English
  • Beatriz: for Beatriz, Comtessa de Dia, 12th century Occitan
  • Gertrude: of Dagsburg, 13th century French
  • Hildegard: of Bingen, a 12th century German
  • Jocelin: for Goslenus, known as Jocelin of Soissons, 11th century French
  • Kassia: 9th century Byzantine
  • Margot: 13th century French
  • Maria: de Ventadorn, 13th century Occitan

Baby girl names inspired by Renaissance and Baroque composers

  • Adrian: Willaert, 16th century Italian
  • Amalia Catharina: Countess of Erbach, 17th century German
  • Anne: or Marguerite Bouquet, 17th century French
  • Avery: Burton, 16th century English
  • Caterina: Assandra, 16th century Italian
  • Chiara: Margarita Cozzolani, 17th century Italian
  • Claudia: Sessa, 16th century Italian
  • Dominique: Phinot, 16th century French
  • Elisabeth Sophie: Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg, 17th century
  • Isabella: Leonarda, 17th century Italian
  • Joan: Ambrosio Dalza, 16th century Italian
  • Leonora: Duarte, 17th century Flemish
  • Lucia: Quinciani, 16th century Italian
  • Mallory: 17th century English
  • Nicolle: des Celliers de Hesdin, 16th century French
  • Rosa: Giacinta Badalla, 17th century Italian
  • Simone: Molinaro, 16th century Italian
  • Stella: for Scipione Stella, 16th century Italian
  • Teodora: Gines, 16th century Cuban
  • Zacara: da Teramo, 14th century Italian

Baby girl names inspired by Classical and Romantic era composers

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