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Baby girl names with boyish nicknames

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Let's get this out of the way: Girls do not need boy names to be taken seriously. Let's all stop that outdated nonsense right now. However, boyish nicknames are adorable. In an effort to balance the two, try out these ultra feminine names for baby girls whose nicknames are all boy.

Plenty of girl names came from boy names — Georgette from George, Pauline from Paul — but that's not what we're looking for here. We want ultra feminine names, unmistakably girl to the core. Most of the names on our list have girly nicknames as well, just in case the boyish one doesn't end up suiting your daughter's style.

  • Alexandria: Plenty of girls go by the boyish Alex, but we think Lex or Andy makes a more striking choice.
  • Augusta: A little girl called Gus sounds like a storybook character.
  • Charlotte: Charlie is a common boyish nickname for this frilly girl name, but what about Chuck for something more surprising?
  • Corinne: Cori makes an endearing nickname for this lovely, feminine name.
  • Eleanor: Eleanor has so many fantastic girly nicknames, but we love the eye-catching Len.
  • Elizabeth: How about Eli instead of Lizzie or Beth?
  • Fiona: Forget Fifi; Finn is a nickname begging to go girl.
  • Jacqueline: Jack sounds so much spunkier than Jackie.
  • Josephine: Common as a name for strong female characters, we think you can surprise everyone by going full Joe.
  • MacKenzie: Mac works as a unisex nickname, but Ken takes the boyish appeal one step further.
  • Lila: Is this too much of a stretch? Five baby girls last year had Lyle on their birth certificates.
  • Madeline: Del! You can grab this one from Delilah or Adele, too.
  • Margaret: With more than a dozen nickname options already, Margaret probably doesn't need another — but Rhett is too cute to pass up.
  • Matilda: Do you think Matt works on a baby girl?
  • Michaela: Go with this more traditional spelling of Makayla so you can daringly call her Mike or Mikey.
  • Nicole: Honor someone of your own generation with a nickname that better suits this one — Cole.
  • Savannah: Everyone complains this lovely name lacks diminutives, but what about Van?
  • Victoria: Both Vicky and Tori sound too '80s. We prefer the more modern Vic.

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