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Baby girl names with the most nicknames

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If it's getting down to the wire and you still aren't sure what you want to call your sweet baby girl, might we recommend a name loaded with nickname options?

It's nearly impossible to choose a name that will suit your baby's personality before you meet her. Will she be a bubbly Lucy or a shy Violet? While it's true that your baby girl will grow into her name with time, it can't hurt to leave yourself a bit of wiggle room. Choosing a name with multiple nickname options gives both you and your daughter the time to figure out who she is before determining what she will ultimately be called.


We start with Margaret, a Greek name meaning "pearl," because it has more nicknames than any other. You have more than a dozen choices for names that will suit your baby girl at every stage of her life.


A Hebrew name meaning "My God is my oath," Elizabeth fits anyone and everyone. Don't let this one slip by or feel dated because of all the girls named Beth and Liz at your high school. Try out Bette or Eliza for a more modern sound.


We can never decide which spelling we like better: Catherine or Katherine. Either one lends a long list of diminutives, and we adore Wren for its spunky nature feel.


If boy names on girls appeal to you, but you don't want to go all in, Alexandra is your best bet. Look at all those unisex nicknames!

More baby girl names with lots of nicknames

If you don't need quite so many options, we have a few more suggestions. Choose a baby girl name with several syllables — they have the highest nickname potential. Do you think Isadora could be the next Isabella?

  • Eleanor: Ella, Elle, Ellen, Ellie, Lenore, Nora
  • Evangeline: Angel, Angie, Eva, Eve, Evie, Lena
  • Isadora: Dora, Dory, Isa, Iz, Izzie
  • Penelope: Nell, Nellie, Pen, Penny, Poppy
  • Rebecca: Becca, Beck, Becks, Becky, Reba

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