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We've tucked one sweet, holiday-inspired baby name behind each door as you count down to your due date. Will any of them be just right for your December baby?

Most holiday-themed baby name lists give the same dozen names — each one an over-the-top holiday reference that screams "I was born in December!" We've tried to dig a little deeper into the season to find names that won't instantly tie your December baby to the fat man in a red suit.

  1. Natalia: December 1 is the feast of St. Natalia of Nicomedia. This classic baby girl name also means "born at Christmas."
  2. Caspar: One of the magi who visits Christ shortly after his birth.
  3. Ramona: Give a nod to the three wise men with this Spanish baby girl name that means "wise defender."
  4. Clarence: The guardian angel from the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life.
  5. Ada: We love this sweet baby girl name as a subtle tie to the holidays — it means "ornament."
  6. Cole: December 6 means St. Nicholas Day. Use this diminutive as a quiet nod to St. Nick.
  7. Galena: Get into the holiday spirit with this baby girl name that means "festive party."
  8. Marion: Use this masculine form of Mary to commemorate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Worried it's too girly? It was the birth name of tough guy John Wayne!
  9. Aubrey: This French baby girl name comes from the old German name Alberich, meaning "elf ruler."
  10. Chandler: You probably instantly think Friends, but this old English occupational name references a candle maker.
  11. Estella: Honor the "star with royal beauty bright" with this Spanish name that means "star."
  12. Micah: A Hebrew name meaning "gift from God."
  13. Lucia: For St. Lucia's Day, a Scandinavian feast day.
  14. Fraser: A variety of fir commonly used for Christmas trees.
  15. Paloma: This darling baby girl names means "peace" or "dove."
  16. Abner: A Hebrew name meaning "father of light," perfect for the first night of Hanukkah.
  17. Ora: Continue the Hanukkah celebration with this Hebrew baby girl name meaning "light."
  18. Avery: This French name for baby boys means "rules with elf-wisdom," making it a great sneaky holiday name.
  19. Olive: This baby girl name commemorates the miracle of the oil lasting eight days.
  20. Dominic: Name your boy after the patron saint of shepherds, whose feast day is December 20.
  21. Ivy: One of the traditional Yule herbs celebrating the Winter Solstice.
  22. Archer: December 22 brings the end of the Sagittarius centaur's rule.
  23. Bianca: This baby girl name means "white," making it a quiet homage to the snowy season.
  24. Malachi: The biblical prophet who foretold the coming of Christ.

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